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Edition Date: December 18, 2006
Local Crime Watch Report

Compiled by C.H. Clark from Woodinville Police reports

Propane tank theft
Dec.4: The operations manager of a building products company located in the 14300 block of NE 200th St. reported to police that sometime after 4:30 p.m. on 12-1 an unknown suspect cut a padlock off of a secured gate and stole four, five gallon propane tanks. The suspect’s identity and whereabouts is unknown at this time.

Traffic arrest
Dec. 5: At approximately 3 p.m. an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic infraction at NE 175th and 135th Ave. NE. A passenger had a current outstanding warrant for Reckless Driving. The officer transported him to King County Jail where he was booked. The bail was set at $5000.

Scuffle with alleged shoplifter
Dec. 6: An officer was dispatched to a fight in progress between a loss prevention officer and a shoplifting suspect at a shopping center located on the corner of NE 175th and 140th Ave. NE. The loss prevention officer told police he had observed the suspect take a black hooded sweatshirt from a clothing store, then leave the store. Once outside the suspect removed the paper tags and attempted to remove the security tag. He did not identify himself as a loss prevention officer right away because he was not sure if a cashier may have neglected to remove the security tag by mistake. He followed the suspect to the grocery store next door and watched as he took two Mike’s Hard Lemonades from their container, walk to the middle of the store and then left the store without paying. At this point the loss prevention officer identified himself and the fight ensued.

The police officer searched the suspect finding he was wearing the hooded sweatshirt with the security tag still attached. The officer also found several ID and Social Security cards with various names and pictures. Both the clothing store and the grocery store will assist in prosecution. It was determined the suspect had not attempted to pay for the sweatshirt and that a cashier had not forgotten to remove a tag. Total property cost was approximately $50.

Compiled by Riley Mizell

December 3, Duvall: Two seriously dumb boys stole some beer from a local store.

Employees were able to recover most of it, and fortunately they got the license number of the vehicle. The officer who stopped the vehicle found more beer in their possession.

December 4, Duvall: The price of gas has gotten so high, that someone has decided to siphon some from vehicles at a local church. What happened to “do unto others”?

December 4, Duvall: Shenanigans and tomfoolery at a local church by a young male who must not have had enough homework or chores to do at home. Best cure I’ve found for shenanigans is more chores.

December 5, Carnation: An inflatable doll was used to decorate someone else’s tree.

December 5, Duvall: Man said he was punched in the back of the head by his friend, at his friend’s house. But he decided not to press charges, because he probably provoked the whole thing by showing up and causing trouble and he doesn’t want to start something that may get him into trouble.

Maybe he should have stopped just prior to provoking his friend.

December 7, Duvall: Lost: A load of dirt. Right there in the middle of the Woodinville-Duvall Road.

December 8, Duvall: The first clue that this driver needed to be stopped was the lit cigarette she threw out of her car. Turns out that was only the beginning. She was arrested since her license was suspended for unpaid tickets.

December 9, Carnation: Man falls over table. Man kicks door. Man receives trespass letter. Man should just stay home and sleep it off.