Student of the Month - April 2019

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Student of the MonthPictured: Kimberly Ellertson (Director of Marketing, Woodinville Chamber), Matt Wallace (Assistant Principal, Woodinville High School), Hunter Banks (April 2019 Student of the Month), Leslie Banks (Grandmother of Student of the Month), Todd Banks (Father of Student of the Month). Photo courtesy of Photography by Carol Hook.

The Woodinville Chamber was pleased to honor our April 2019 Student of the Month, sponsored by Mathnasium of Woodinville. This month’s featured student was Hunter Banks, a Senior and the ASB Treasurer at Woodinville High School.

Hunter Banks is a true servant leader by dedicating himself to making Woodinville High School a better place.  Hunter is not just our A.S.B. Treasurer, but he is also one of our school’s biggest cheerleaders.  He spends countless hours after school pouring over our A.S.B. budgets so that our sports and clubs get the support they need to have the best programs possible.  When Hunter learned that students do not typically attend choir concerts, he changed his Friday night plans to go watch our choir perform.  Hunter has coordinated popular cookouts at football games, and halftime entertainment at basketball games.  He coordinated these events to create community for students to come together in shared experiences.  Hunter is an amazing young man and We are so proud to call him a Woodinville High School Falcon.

March 2019 Student of the Month

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

March student of the month
The Woodinville Chamber was pleased to honor our March 2019 Student of the Month, sponsored by Northwest Trophy & Award. This month’s featured student was Renee Witherspoon, a second year student at Cascadia College. Renee has spent her year on Cascadia Student Government engaging with students to make sure they know how their tuition money is spent.

HS Students Compete at HOSA Leadership Conference

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In early March local high school students from Inglemoor, North Creek and Woodinville HS, competed at the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) Leadership Conference in Spokane.  Students from all three HS qualified to go the International Conference in Orlando. 
Washington HOSA is a relatively young organization, as it joined National HOSA seven years ago.  HOSA is an international student organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education (HSE) Division of ACTE. HOSA’s two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people.
This year 1400 students competed in 55 events from CPR and Nursing to Biomedical debate and Parliamentary procedures.
PUBLIC HEALTH -3rd place: Kristin Yao; Kaycie Suzuki; Amogh Pande; Maya Oleynikova - Inglemoor HS
JOB SEEKING SKILLS- 1st place: Maya Oleynikova - Inglemoor HS
PREPARED SPEAKING - 2nd place: Amogh Pande - Inglemoor HS
CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING - 1st place: Maya Oleynikova; Kaycie Suzuki; Kristin Yao; Amogh Pande - Inglemoor HS
PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE - 1st place: Dennis Ni, Joon Chung, Lakshin Kumar, Gabriel Blatner, Sidarth Nair, and Jerek Cruz - Inglemoor HS
KNOWLEDGE TEST: BEHAVIORAL HEALTH - 3rd place: Kayla Low - Woodinville HS
HOME HEALTH AIDE - 1st place: Ayana Sharma - Woodinville HS 2nd place: Summer Bronson - Woodinville HS
NURSING ASSISTING & PERSONAL CARE - 2nd place Jaiden Childs - Woodinville HS 5th place Biance Crisafi - Woodinville High School
CPR/FIRST AID - 2nd place: Jaiden Childs & Liang - Woodinville HS 1st place: Crooks & Low - Woodinville HS
EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN TEAM - 1st place: Sreeprakash & Sharma - Woodinville HS
PUBLIC HEALTH (TEAM) - 1st place: Chuvilov; Sreeprakash; Childs; Francis; Sharma - Woodinville HS
EXTEMPORANEOUS HEALTH POSTER - 2nd place: Shradha Sreeprakash - Woodinville HS
HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - 1st place: Jamie Simonsen - Woodinville HS
DENTAL TERMINOLOGY - 2nd place: Makayla Phan - North Creek HS
BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE - 1st place: Hannah Buckingham - North Creek HS
CLINICAL SPECIALTY - 1st place: Jeffrey Hablewitz - North Creek HS
DENTAL SCIENCE - 3rd place: Makayla Phan - North Creek HS
PHARMACY SCIENCE - 1st place: Jeffrey Hablewitz - North Creek HS
EPIDEMIOLOGY - 3rd place: Daniel Da - North Creek HS
EXTEMPORANEOUS WRITING - 2nd place: Daniel Da - North Creek HS
HEALTH CAREER PHOTOGRAPHY  1st place: Tatum Joyner - North Creek HS 3rd place: Whitney Tran - North Creek HS
HEALTH EDUCATION - 1st place: Buckingham; Buffington; Sathish Kumar; Chen - North Creek HS 2nd place: Sharma & Sharma - North Creek HS
HOSA BOWL - 3rd place: Batchvarova; Carro; Ravooru - North Creek HS
EXISTING MEDICAL INNOVATION - 2nd place: Chandru; Sathish Kumar; Park; Chen - North Creek HS

Applause - March 11, 2019

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
University of Washington Dean’s List - Autumn 2018
Jordyn S  Anable, Emily E  Andersen¸ Anna Arkhipova, Hailey Madison  Arnold, Grant Robert  Austing,
Sabreena Ashraf  Awad, Jacob Paul  Balzotti, Anthea Helen  Bartlett, Peter Gabriel  Besel, Gavin Brooks  Biddle, Marianne Brandt  Bjorner, Alexandra Lynn  Blaskovich, Alexander James  Blue, Charles Marshall  Bohlin, Kathryn Grace  Bossio, Aurelien Jean-Etienne  Boulangeat, Krisna M  Bour , Hayley Michelle Boyd , Nicholas Alan  Brunelle, Katherine C  Brunn, Shayla Marie  Bruskland, Derek Joshua  Burkett, Bradley Ross  Cagle, Stefanie M  Castro, Grant T  Charlton, Ryan Richard  Check, Wei-Chen   Chen, Spencer M  Cheng, David   Chiang, Anisha   Chutani, Ethan   Coffey, Tatianna O  Crowley ,
Kaylen C  Dailey, Tyler J  Daniel, Taylor F  Demetriou, Grace Yuen  Deng, Harshal V  Desai, Alec Christopher  Dietz, Eric   Dimitrovich, Simon Conde  Duchastel De Montrouge, Colin Christian  Eckhoff,
Abigail   Ellis, Grayson Orachorn Evans, Jordan David  Fette , Alisa Virginia  Feuerstein, Derek M  Fink,
Carolyn Paige Francisco, Jackson R  Frank, Torin J  Frever, Maryam   Gani , Aidan Gertz , Meghan Elisa  Gill, Victor Hennessey  Gill, Carlos G  Godina, Denisha Lily  Gong, Daniel J  Gregory, Eric Russell  Gripp,
Victoria Alexandra Hagedorn, Christian Daniel Hanson, Stella Baker Haynes Kiehn, Five Danger Heck,
Alexander James Hedges, Samina Marie  Helsley, Livia Gabrielle  Henderson, Connor Jacob  Hughes,
Julia   Hughes, Aoi A Hunsaker, Jeffrey Michael Jacobsen, Manisha   Jha, Joseph Edward Johnson,
Tyler Lee Johnson, Madison M Johnstone, Francine M Jordan, Nicole Marie Joseph, Olivia Leigh Kaplan,
Shawn S Kim, Samantha Rose Kopet, Alexis Elizabeth  Krapas, Kaia C  Labes, Kristy May  Lee, Vivian   Lee,
Nicole Ann Lenart, Hanna Maya  Lester, Jonas Elias  Loeser, John Arthur  Lounsbery, Angelica R  Lucchetto, Alexa C  Luna, Kristan Nicole  Lund, Jonathan D  McCuistion, Allison Nicole  McGoorty,
Spencer Nobel McKenney, Sierra B  McKissick, Victor Hugo  Mendevil, Nolan Dennis  Menen, Taylor   Merry, Chase Matthew  Mesaros, Benjamin Anthony  Metsker, Natalie   Mifsud, Dion James  Miller, Jake R  Millman, Pooja   Minhas, Nikita Yuri  Minkin, Arleigh   Mitchell, Jonathan Roger  Mitchell, Eliza R  Moore, Lilly A  Morgan, Emily Frances  Moriarty, Brianna Jeanette  Mueller, Matthew Tyler  Munson,
Brooke G Musburger , Alexandra C  Navarre, Reta   Nemesszeghy, Alison Kari  Ng, Jessica Quyen  Nguyen, Jack A  Nickerson, Olivia C  Nicolas, Mackenzi J  Oates, Ira Emil Castro Ogilvie, Samantha Katherine  Pederslie, Kimberly Ann  Perdue, Bill Long  Pham, Mika Molina  Phillips, Natalie   Pilla, Rebecca Nicole  Pope, Marium Mustajab  Raza, Eli Robert  Reed, Christopher Michael  Remily,
Lauren Ann Roberson, Alison Lynn  Rohrich, Julian W  Rosner, Kody Alan  Sanders, Alicia Y  Sasaki,
Rachel Hawley Schenck, Julia Kathryn Bayley Schoen, Tyler Chen  Schroeder, Brandon Michael  Schwecke, Christopher James  Seaman, Kristina Marie  Shaffer, Setareh   Shayanpour, Erik T  Skeel, Karl T Skeel, Danila S  Sokratov, Thomas Merritt  Spunaugle, Cole W  Stafford, Mitchell David  Stafford, Adrianne Blair Stowe, Erika Ann Sundstrom, Evan Elijah Takayoshi, Jordan K  Todhunter, Matthew William  Tollifson, Benjamin E  Vandehey, Matthew S  Vogt, Carter Cheney  Vu, Christine   Wang, Lisa A Waranowitz, Michelle Madeline Webster, Philbert   Widjaja, Bryce Pierson  Williams, Joseph Ross Worley, Sean J Wu
St. Olaf College Dean’s List
Siri Mellem

Applause March 4, 2019

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
Boston Univerity
Avanti P. Nambiar, received a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.           
Bethel University
Peter Carlson of Woodinville earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business.    
Eastern Washington University
Jacob Andrews, Tyler Carlson, Tyler Davis, Hailey Fulton, Alek Kacmarcik, Taryn Knopf, Valerie Landguth, Devin Smith and Mackenzie Vigil