At Purple Café’s ‘Wednesday Fried Chicken Night,’ biscuits are a big hit

  • Written by Karin Hopper, Food Snob

Purple chickenPhoto by Julie BosellyThe trend is in to go back to the basics and channel your grandma’s home cooking. As a home cook, this is definitely a trend I embrace. As we noticed on Wednesdays, it is also being embraced by Purple Café in Woodinville.

We were treated to their new Wednesday night special, “Wednesday Fried Chicken Night.” The special menu gives you the option of pairing a half or whole fried chicken with molasses baked beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, horseradish coleslaw, sweet potato fries, and a buttermilk biscuit with honey butter.

As there were two of us, we decided to divide and conquer. I went conventional with the mashed potatoes with gravy and biscuit (I tend to be judgmental with certain foods, and one of them is biscuits. I am ever chasing that elusive biscuit that my great aunt Allis used to make on her farm in Missouri.)

My partner in crime ordered the half of chicken, coleslaw, baked beans and, because I said I would share everything else, but not my biscuit, she ordered her own biscuit. Our goal was to try a little of everything. As you may have noticed we opted out of the sweet potato fries. I don’t recall our complete reasoning, other than we knew we ordered too much already, but the fries just didn’t fall in with our personal vision of a traditional chicken fried dinner (I am sure they tasted lovely, but we didn’t partake.)

When Maria, our charming server, presented our dinners, or should I say enormous dinners with a recommended tasting of the accompanying wines, we dug in. First we both tried the chicken, which I must say is way better than mine and is up there with aunt Allis’. That perfect blend of spices and herbs, the anticipating crunch, and very moist (but not oily) chicken.
We then set in on the sides. We ate family style tasting portions of everything. We realized we had differing ideas of how we like our potatoes, our beans and our coleslaw. Each of the items was very good, we had long discussion on how we made each item, or what our families did special for them, of course it didn’t stop us from eating them up. And a side note, don’t be afraid of the horseradish coleslaw. It has a hint of horseradish, and a whole lot of freshness and flavor.

We had a visit from Brett, the executive chef, who came to check up on us. This is always a true pleasure. You get to hear from him why he chose to do this new feature, and it comes from his heart as well.

As Brett left, I picked up my biscuit and put some of the honey butter on it. I then did what I always do, I started peeling the biscuit to eat it in layers. Now I am not a professional, but I feel this style of eating a biscuit should be written into some rule book. As the first layer went into my mouth, I remember hearing a little “umm” noise. I didn’t think that I had made that noise, but I must have. I took another layer, placed it in my mouth, let it melt on my tongue, and with closed eyes and a closed mouth, I definitely made that “ummm” sound and I am sure it was a little guttural.

I looked at my partner in crime, and quite honestly said, “This is the best biscuit I have ever had.” (Sorry aunt Allis.) She said that I had looked like I had a “Sally” moment. It was that good. I don’t know how the pastry chefs Sophie and Sabrina could produce such heavenly delights and disguise them as biscuits, but I will not complain, at all.

The evening finished out with us eating half of each of our dinners, but all of each of our biscuits (and we asked for one each to take home. I am not sure what happened to my extra biscuit, but it never entered my home.) If you want a good home-cooked gourmet traditional meal with a twist, you must try Purple Café’s Wednesday Night Fried Chicken Dinner.

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