Pet of the Week - June 6, 2011

  • Written by Homeward Pet Adoption Center

Sarge_POWSarge is a generously proportioned, declawed orange tabby who is in desperate need of an exercise buddy. His rather large size isn’t helping his chances of getting adopted as he weighs in at a whopping 28 pounds!

We have him on a diet here at Homeward, but we all know that a major part of a good weight loss program is exercise, and unfortunately he is not getting very much of that here.

Sarge got his name through a contest we ran on our Homeward Facebook page asking folks to help us come up with a great name for him.

Tons of our friends made really good suggestions, but this one was perfect as he really looks like a ‘Sarge.’ (The winning suggestion picked up a prize - "like" us on Facebook and join the fun!) This friendly 8 year old needs someone to get him slim and trim –any takers?!

This month at Homeward Pet, spin the "Wheel of Feline Fortune" to determine your adoption fee. 

June is National Adopt A Shelter Cat month, and all month long, we’ll be making sure-thing matches on all adult (over 1 year old) cats like Sarge, but leave your adoption fee to chance. Will it be $5 off or $5 total?

With as many as 50 dogs and cats available at any given time and over 1,300 animals adopted out annually, Homeward Pet Adoption Center is one of the largest no-kill nonprofit companion animal shelters in the state.  All of the animals receive full medical and behavioral evaluations and our adoption staff is adept at working with people to ensure their new family member’s successful transition into a permanent, loving home.

If you are not ready to adopt but would like to help care for our homeless animals by volunteering, go to

Homeward is located in the north side of the Clearwater Spa Building at 18800 Woodinville-Snohomish Road. Our new adoption hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 12-6 p.m. Contact us at (425) 488-4444 or on the web at

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