Finding the Right Words: What to do if you suspect your child is having suicidal thoughts

  • Written by Dr. Laurie Johnson and Dr. Brian Johnson

If you notice warning signs of suicide, simply ask, Are you thinking about hurting yourself? Parents may avoid asking this simple question for fear of putting the idea into their child’s head, but if someone is suicidal, the idea is already there and the person is usually relieved that someone noticed that something is wrong. If your child says yes, the next question to ask is, How would you do it? If your child has a plan, the plan is detailed, and he or she has the means to carry it out, the risk is very high. Regardless of whether or not your child has a specific plan, ask, What is keeping you from doing it?

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Healthy Eyes for Back to School

  • Written by Dr. Linda Chous, chief eye care officer, UnitedHealthcare

The beginning of the school year is a good time to get children’s eyes checked. Children face unique eye health challenges, including injury, infection, reading difficulties and nearsightedness.

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Exercise balance to prevent falls

  • Written by PhysioCare Physical Therapy

Just as a reduction in resistance training can make us weaker and fewer miles on the treadmill can reduce our cardiovascular fitness levels, maintaining good balance as you age requires a continued effort, says physical therapist Andy Lodato, MPT, of PhysioCare Physical Therapy in Woodinville and Duvall.

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Combat holiday stress with exercise

  • Written by Provided by PhysioCare

When a demanding holiday season leaves you twisted in knots from the stresses of commitments, crowds, shopping and entertaining, physical therapist Andy Lodato, MPT, has a suggestion: sweat away that stress by making exercise a part of your holiday routine.

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