2014 Kia Soul !

  • Written by Julie Boselly, Publisher

MSRP $20,300 –
Tested $26,195
2015 Starting Prices:
Base $14,900, Soul + $18,200, Soul ! 20,300

No hamsters were used for this review, just children and friends.

Unfortunately, I drove the Latte Brown colored Soul. It really is not an appealing color to most of the people I talked to. I heard: “Mom, you have a brown box outside waiting for you.” “It looks like chocolate milk.” “It looks like cardboard.” Etc. I think any other color would be a good choice. I parked next to a black Soul and I definitely liked it better.

soul1Once you step inside, you forget what the outside looks like. The interior is fantastic and it’s a fun car to drive. My son first noticed the dash of the Soul resembled the dash of the Hyundai Genesis — a premium sedan. They are not identical when it comes to steering wheel features, but definitely close.

The Soul is known for having a great sound system. I attended a live music show and purchased a CD thinking I could listen to it on my way home. I learned the hard way the Soul ! does not have CD player. At least I knew there wouldn’t be a cassette player. The trend toward MP3 and Bluetooth® might not appeal to some drivers.

Not tested: The Kia Soul comes with UVO, which according to Kia is “a subscription-free information system for your Kia vehicle. With UVO’s advanced voice-recognition technology, you can use your voice to help make hands-free calls and manage your music library.

“With UVO eServices, infotainment is coupled with an enhanced telematics suite enabled by an exclusive free smartphone app.”

Apparently it can locate your car for you with GPS on your smartphone — no more “I forgot where I parked.”
Favorites: “The Whole Shebang” package includes a panoramic sunroof (only negative is the roof and the cover close all at once. I would love for them to close separately), heated front and rear seats, ventilated front seats, and heated steering wheel.

Dislikes: the speaker mood light setting was brown, just like the exterior, and the 4-Cyl engine: it’s a great car to cruise around town, but there’s not a lot of get-up-and-go.

Katie’s review (age 9): Please buy this car and give your car to Jack (her 13-year-old brother).
2015: Look for the EV version this fall. It’s electric!

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