Kid & Driver - 2012 Kia Soul

  • Written by Jackson Unruh & Julie Boselly


2012 KIA Soul



The Kia Soul is truly a great car, in my opinion. Even though it looks small, there is plenty of leg room in the back and front rows — enough to fit 4-5 six-foot adults in the car with adequate leg room. The engine will get you places on time with a 1.6 liter in-line 4 cylinder engine, and the CVT (continuously variable transmission) adding a little sportiness. It gets absolutely great gas mileage. The sound system is one of my favorite things: surround sound, speaker lights and a funky little speaker on top of the dashboard. The little screen on the dash is sort of helpful with the back-up camera and audio controls.

The controls altogether are easy to use. The trunk offers a decent amount of space, and the hatch helps a lot with accessibility. Parking must be a breeze with the overall size of the car. On the outside, this car looks pretty small. I mean, I have bicycle tires bigger than those. On the inside is where this car shines.

[Mom edit: The model we drove was 2.0L with CVVT which is Continuously Variable Valve Timing and I have no idea what that is].


My first thought when I heard I would be driving a Kia Soul was: “That will be fun, it’s the dancing-hamster-mobile.” I also assumed it was ideal for those under 25 but when I looked around at who drives them, it’s more my age (let’s say … older adults) and above. I definitely see this as a great commuter car where you crank up your favorite tunes and try to enjoy the slower pace on the highways. I am a huge fan of the stereo system and the “mood” lighting around the speakers was fun. Go for a test drive at night if you’re considering this one. Oh, how I would have loved this car cruising the roads in high school! I have a Spotify® (online music) mobile account and was able to enjoy my personal playlists through Bluetooth, i.e. no cables! The Soul had a back-up camera but no navigation system. I wasn’t a fan of the “moss” color car I had. Other options for color include Alien (bright green), Molten (red) and the black, white, silvers, etc. I saw one Soul on Vashon Island with graphics on the sides – it looked great!

KIA SOUL: Starts at $14,400; $20,350 as driven • MPG 26 city/34 hwy • 6 speed automatic transmission w/Active Eco System • 60/40 split folding rear seats.

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