Classic Car Corner - June 24, 2013

  • Written by Tom Berg, Woodinville

car2Wow — Finally found the time to abandon the real estate business for a weekend and took in two great events.

First, I spent a Saturday at the 7th annual "Big Rock Car Show" held in conjunction with Duvall Days this year.

I’ve been to all seven and the weather and cars were terrific.

For a little car show (200 entries) the variety is amazing and included an army tank with a dozen other Army vehicles of all sorts.

This event is put on by Roger Jones, the manager of the Safeway, in whose parking lot we all converged.

With Roger’s and Safeway’s efforts, this event has raised over $30,000 for the Prostate Cancer Awareness fund.

I took my freshly painted and ready-to-go 1947 "Coles Service" John Deere green Studebaker pickup and darned if I wasn’t the only one who had to be towed away at the end of the day. 

car1I had recently had a starter problem that I thought — and foolishly hoped — had been resolved but apparently not so.

The starter refused to do anything and this truck being an automatic couldn’t be pushed to start, so once again AAA came to my rescue and we hauled it off to Mike’s Repair for a new starter.

I think Mike is going to name one of his work bays after me. It’s actually not too unusual for tow trucks to get some business out of car shows.

Speaking of pickups, the best pickup award went to our local hero Greg Fazzio for his stunning 1950 Ford.

The best in show award went to an unbelievable 1938 "Sharknose" Graham convertible that simply defies description. You’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Another amazing vehicle was a 1935 Ford "conglomeration" that won the "not in my driveway" award. This car too was beyond description but in a very different way than the Graham. It must have had parts from 50 different cars all cut up and patched together, along with a trailer to match. 

Even though I had to tow my entry home, the Big Rock show continues to be my local favorite and I’ll be back next year hopefully with a vehicle that will start.

On Sunday, I was up again too early and off to the Lucky Collector Car Auction held at the Lemay Family Collection in Spanaway.

It’s beautiful location at the old Marymount School. They were auctioning off 20 or so old tractors from as early as 1917, most in need of some restoration.

Some seemed to me to be prime prospects for "yard art." Much of the rest were trucks from pickups to tow trucks to buses to fire trucks.

A spectacular 1941 Ford fire truck with all the equipment on it went for only $6,000. That was a hard one for me to pass up.

I also managed to resist a couple of old Studebaker trucks, a nice 47 Dodge flatbed with a really cool hand-operated dump box.

One that really was tempting was a 62 black T-bird convertible witih only 40 some thousand miles. It ended up being a no sale but most of the vehicles were no reserve. The weather was again great and my real estate car even made it there and back — no problem.

Well, it sure is fun talking to people that are passionate for the things I enjoy and writing this little blurb once a month gives me a great excuse to get out and chat with folks I might not get to meet otherwise. So if you are one of those people, just call me.

P.S: I would really  like to write an article on a local "barn find."

For those of you not hip to today’s car lingo: That would be a vintage vehicle that has been stored and ignored for a looong time. You can always contact me at my penthouse office next to the Woodinville 7-11.

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