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  • Written by Tom Berg, Windermere

car1Catching up: This year, due to the resurgence of the residential real estate market, trips, hiking, golf and  life in general, I missed the early swap meets in Puyallup, missed the Monroe swap meet and had only been to one car show (Big Rock-Duvall in June) so it was time to catch up.

One Saturday I headed down to the "Good Guys" car extravaganza at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. They claimed to have 2500 vintage cars there and I believe it. Some were for sale but priced a little high for me and besides, I’m trying to reduce my old car inventory, not increase it. I must have missed seeing a few cars but I saw enough as well as a myriad of car parts. Good Guys is a national organization that puts on 20 huge shows a year throughout the U.S. and many of the cars were from other states and even Canada.  

This show is unique in that the car owners can drive their cars around the fairgrounds right through the crowd. I wonder how the insurance company likes that. The show uses up the entire fairgrounds and by mid-afternoon I was worn out, full of fair food and probably missed something but that was enough for one day.

Being a glutton for punishment, the next day I went to the Kirkland car show, a well respected show that I had never managed to get to. This show takes up all of downtown Kirkland and had about 90 percent fewer cars than the Good Guys show but was lots of fun since they were very nice, local cars and it was in Kirkland with the park at the lake and lots of good food. 

After awhile my grandson showed up and we had to look at all the cars again. Even though these were local cars there were many I had not seen before and I even saw a nice Diamond T and a great Citroen 2cv like the ones I had seen in Scotland. I hadn’t seen another one in decades. Put the Kirkland show on your schedule next year – it’s local, well run and lots of fun.

At the Kirkland show my friend Matt (to whom I had sold my 36 Chevy ) suggested I go to the car show in Juanita on the 24th so I grabbed my grandson and his favorite vehicle – my Toyota FJ40 – and went to Juanita.

This is a small show (less than 100 cars) in a convalescent care  parking lot and adjacent street but had some great cars. There were TWO Studebakers, two pre-war Lincolns and a nice 61 Corvette just like my 62.

I had a long discussion with the Vette owner and even saw him the next day as I was driving through Tuscany after my open house in my 38 Ford pickup. Yes, I use my old cars in my real estate business whenever I can. 

There are lots of great cars  in Woodinville. Recently as I was walking to lunch I spotted a really nice 39 Ford pickup right in front of the Goodyear store. The 39 is virtually identical to my 38 and you just about never see them. Perhaps that distinctive oval grill is not appealing to some because the other 30’s and early 40’s trucks are much more common.  I’ll be visiting the owner of this truck to see the rest of his collection including a 36 Woolsey he’s re-building and I’ll give you readers a full report.

This weekend (last weekend as you read this)  I’ll be off to the Lemay Family Collection open house at Marymount in Spanaway.  This is the 36th year they’ve opened the grounds up to the public. It’s a great event and this year features an auction where I’ve entered my 65 Mustang and I’ll even have a bidder number this time so you never know what might happen at an auction.

Stay tuned ...

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