Classic Car Corner: Auction Time

  • Written by Tom Berg, Windermere

lucky aug 13AUCTION TIME: On August 31 and Sept 1, I was able to attend the Lucky Car Auction held at the beautiful LeMay Family Collection grounds at Marymount in Spanaway. I had entered my 65 Mustang in the auction so took it down there on Friday which allowed me to include a round of golf at the nearby Classic Golf Course. 

It’s always good to combine one’s interests whenever possible. I drove down again on Saturday which was the 36th annual open house put on by the LeMay family. I figured I would hang around my Mustang to tell potential buyers what a great car it was but actually ended up wandering around looking at the other cars, talking to their owners and trying to figure out which one I would most like to have as well as watching most of day one of the auction.  

On Sunday I once again made the long drive south because this was the day my car would reach the auction block. I was one of the earlier cars to come up and had managed not to buy anything so far. When watching the auction each lot seems to take a long time since they are trying to squeeze out as much as they can from the bidders. Most of these cars had reserves and a little more than half actually sold. When it was my turn on stage time really seemed to fly! I got a decent opening bid and it increased quickly to a price I could accept after I asked the auctioneer for a discount on his commission. After all the preparation and waiting time I did get a decent price for the car I really didn’t want anyway. Later when I went to sign some seller papers I met the buyers and they were the one couple I had actually talked to at my car earlier.   I had discounted them as buyers since she was an older lady and wanted an automatic and this was a 4 speed with a stiff clutch and a hot engine.   I hope she likes it. Had I hung out around my car and talked to people I may have gotten a better price. 

I had promised myself I would buy no more cars this year but since I now had one less car and some money burning a hole in my pocket I thought I could get a little more serious about buying another one. I bid on a nice 60 Studebaker, a beautiful 90 Jaguar with low miles, a great looking red 62 Thunderbird and a well worn Studebaker Avanti all of which fortunately went for more than I was willing to pay.

Not surprisingly  though I have accidently found a car with my name on it and my new-found dollars are long gone again. Now I’m in the midst of building another covered parking area at home. It was an all-together entertaining weekend and I will certainly be there again at the end of August 2014. 

After two of  my cheap vinyl carports collapsed during "Snowmageddon" and cost me a lot of repair $$$ in 2012 I bought a decent metal carport from Ron at R&G Automotive here in Woodinville.

I’ve now decided it needs some sides on it so I went back and introduced myself to the new owner Brad Dammen  (Ron’s now at home in his rocking chair eating Bon Bons). Brad does the same work as Ron but also specializes in high end paint jobs so welcome to the community, Brad. 

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