Classic Car Corner - Feb. 24, 2014

  • Written by Tom Berg

Berg carA visitor: I was recently sitting around my office here in downtown Woodinville, when Mallory at the front desk paged me saying I had a visitor downstairs (my office is upstairs in the penthouse suite).

When I drive one of my vintage vehicles and park out next to the street, people often come in and want to talk about cars, but since I had just driven my "realtor car" that day I figured a client was asking for me. Well it wasn’t a client, but was the owner of the 39 Ford pickup that I had met over at Goodyear and written about in my September column. He was driving his just purchased  1941 Lincoln convertible with the top down of course. 

It was the epitome of the pre-war luxury car and was just stunning. They didn’t make very many of these cars and there can’t be too many in this condition still around.

Under the hood was the classic V-12 flathead power plant. The heads and intake manifold appeared to be stainless steel and the entire engine compartment looked just like it did 73 years ago.

Among other things that impressed me were the really cool grille, exterior push buttons for the doors, brass accents in the interior, built-in "Continental Kit" for the spare and the overall design and condition of the car. I think Ken was very proud of his new purchase and had every right to be. Alas, even if I sold enough houses to buy a car of that quality I have no place to adequately store it so I’ll just have to make do with what I’ve got for now.

Update: I did get my 1964 Studebaker Gran Tourisimo Hawk back from Mike’s Repair and it runs great; in fact it looks and runs just like it did in 64.

They only made about 1400 of this model in late 63 and stopped production of all American Studebakers in December of that year. That was sad since they had been making wagons and then cars since the 1850s.

They did continue making some other models for a couple of years in Canada but that was it for the South Bend, Indiana plant.

The Big Three finally squeezed them out, along with all the other smaller car manufacturers. I’m working on getting in my 500 break-in miles so watch for me tooling around Woodinville – you can’t miss my "Hawk."

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