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  • Written by Tom Berg, Windermere Real Estate

Berg 1CAR SEARCH: At the behest of many of my loyal readers I recently set forth on another trip to distant lands in search of cool cars. This time I was off to the island of Hawaii. Since I also needed to check out the local golf courses every day my car hunting time was somewhat limited. You would think that the weather in Hawaii would result in a lot of classic cars driving around but I just didn’t see very many. On the way back from the golf course to my cheap hotel though I did spot a nice Ford Model A that a master carpenter had converted to a wagon type vehicle with a lot of terrific woodwork at a local gas station and I was able to stop and talk to the new owner. Inside and out it was really nice but it did have the over used Chevy 350 crate engine. I’m not necessarily a Ford fan but I think engine swaps should stay true to the marque. Just my opinion. Like many people I don’t heed my own advice though since I do have a Studebaker pickup with an old Chevy small block engine. Anyway, this Model A had been on the island quite awhile, the builder/owner had passed away and his friend had bought it from the estate and was shipping it back to the mainland. I watched him start it up and drive away and it looked and sounded like I should own it.

Berg 2

When I’m golfing, I’m still hard at work so one day a fourth joined our threesome and after awhile I discovered that he was on the island buying cars for a classic car dealer in Seattle. They look for cars that haven’t been on the island too long and since they are indeed stuck on an island in the middle of the Pacific they can be bought for much less than they would sell for in Seattle. He had already bought several and was looking for more. I had to ask and found out that it only costs about $1200 to ship a running car from Hawaii to Seattle so next time I’ll just buy a car or two myself.

On a recent beautiful Sunday I was holding an open house in a new listing up by Mill Creek and drove my red 62 T-Bird. I like to take my old cars to open houses since it can open a dialogue with buyers many of whom mention the cool car parked out front. This time one of the open house attendees mentioned my car and told me he had a 57 T-bird that was the first car he ever bought and had now owned it for 40 years. He was in college when he bought it and the payments were $70.00/month. That had to really cut into the beer budget. On the way back from Mill Creek I stopped by Albertsons in Clearview to see if any of the Saturday afternoon cars guys were there yet this year. I had my 62 Studebaker GT Hawk and as I pulled in I spotted a beautiful 57 red and white Studebaker wagon so of course I parked right next to it. I had a long enjoyable talk with the owner about our Studebakers. There were several other nice cars there but of course the Studebakers were the highlight of the parking lot. Even if you don’t have a classic car, you should check out the cars every Saturday afternoon at the Clearview Albertsons.

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