Classic Car Corner - Deadlines

  • Written by Tom Berg, Windermere Real Estate

BergDEADLINES: I’ve now been writing this column for over two years and this is the first time that I’ve gone 30 days without having experienced something about cars that I could write about! Sometimes I have several ideas lined up or something comes up at the last minute but this time — nothing. Am I just leading a boring life or perhaps I’m just busier helping people buy and sell homes? Whatever it is don’t hesitate to call me and invite me over to check out your collection.

I am looking forward to my first car event of the season, the Monroe Swap Meet, sponsored by the Puget Sound Regional Group #18 of The Early Ford V-8 Club on May 17 and 18. There are so many car parts and accessories that it’s hard to check them all out. I am amazed that anyone could actually figure out which of the hundreds of carburetors would actually fit their car or that one could find a part for a 52 Hudson but a lot of great finds are there for the right buyer. The only thing I really need is a 1964 license plate for my Studebaker but I usually manage to find something else that I think I need. Since this is a fairground, there is fair food, most of which is just fair but I usually show up hungry so I can pound down some scones. I show up at what I think is early and the place is packed with car people — I can’t imagine what time they get there.

If you have a car for sale or some extra cash to add a car to your collection then the Car Corral in the West parking lot is a must. They charge about $35.00 to park there (your car must be for sale) and I think some people put their cars in there with a high price tag just for fun. The cars go from $50K + down to rust buckets on trailers, something for everybody, and quite a few sell. I one time took my 1960 Studebaker Champ pickup, sold it and then realized I had no ride home so walked down the aisle and bought a 56 GMC pickup for the same price. See ya at the Fair.

I am also planning to attend the Lucky Collector Car Auction May 30 and 31 at the Lemay Family Collection site at Marymount in the Spanaway area. They will auction some vintage motorcycles Friday night and cars on Saturday. They have a wide variety of cars to auction, some with no reserve. It’s a fun event and always nice to tour the rest of the grounds and see several hundred of Harold Lemay’s cars. I sold my Mustang there last year and found my T-bird also. Once again I could hold onto my earnings for only a few hours. This year I swear I’m not buying a car there.

I hope you can attend one of these great car events and next month I’ll have a topic for my “Classic Car Corner.”

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