Classic Car Corner - Epic Transfinity

  • Written by Tom Berg, Windermere Real Estate

EPIC TRANSFINITY: Yes, my friends at VMG/Studio 520 are very creative so when they had their 10th anniversary gala celebration they had to come up with a name for it that reflected their creativity. I guess that since neither I nor anyone else knows what “Epic Transfinity” means they hit the mark. It apparently had something to do with the “Retro-Future,” whatever that is.

studie 48 vmgThey do videos, ads and marketing pieces for all sorts of businesses and have done real well in their first 10 years. I always like to see hard-working people succeed and these folks have fun doing it. They were even all wearing some sort of costumes that made them look like buccaneers to me. What that had to do with epic transfinity was beyond my comprehension but it looked cool. I was just dressed as a real estate broker.

So what does this big party at a video production company have to do with cars? Well, at last year’s event they had a $250,000 Aston Martin in the studio, so this year Mark, the company president and car appreciator, decided my 1948 Studebaker convertible (worth a little less than $250,000) would look good in the studio. Since it wasn’t raining I drove it all the way to Bellevue (the longest trip I’ve ever made in it) and left it out back since they weren’t ready yet, trusting Mark to jockey it inside on his own.

I showed up later after the party had started and they had it in the studio all lit up with rope around it as if it were ready for a photo shoot. It really looked great and the crowd really appreciated its classic beauty. Being the responsible person that I am I left long before the party wound down in my rented Mustang and soberly picked the car up the next day. This was a great way to show off one of my flashier cars and hopefully I will one day be invited to show off another one.

Last week I went to the 41st annual Seattle Auto Swap Meet at the Monroe Fairgrounds after my Saturday morning round of golf. I walked briskly through the “Car Corral,” past all the for sale cars, quickly checking out the cars and their asking prices but keeping in mind my goal of buying no more cars this year and headed straight for the scones — two with raspberry, no butter. I think I would go just for the scones. I enjoy just looking at all the old car parts and the old car people but my personal goal for the day was a 1964 license plate for my Studebaker GT Hawk. I found my friend Bryce Moody from Hoquiam in his booth and he fixed me up with a freshly re-done plate that looks brand new. I’ve bought vintage plates for all my cars from Bryce. I’ve already been to the DOL shop here in Woodinville, re-registered my car and put the plate on. I’m re-doing the power steering pump now so it’s not driveable but looks great with its vintage plate.

I’ll see you all at the Big Rock Classic Car and Cycle Show June 7 at the Safeway in Duvall. If I were to go to just one show a year, this is the one.

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