Combining healing systems and therapies

  • Written by Submitted by Melanie Krueger, OMD, EAMP, L.Ac., LMP and Lilith deVeigh, OMD, L.Ac., LMP, Shidoshiho

It’s impossible to ignore that every medical system has areas in which it has both success and difficulties; therefore, until there has been an integration of medical systems, it remains the patient’s task to utilize the optimum combination of therapies for their unique health needs.

In China, where the hospitals have been integrated for the past 50 plus years, with medical doctors and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors working together on the same patients, they have been able to compile statistics regarding which medicine does what better. They say that 30 percent of treatable diseases are better treated using Western medicine, another 30 percent are better treated with a combination of both, and the remainder are better treated with Chinese medicine.

The real question then, is how to know when to use what. There are a few obvious things such as a broken bone, right? In the case of a broken bone, certainly go immediately to a medical doctor to get X-rays and to properly reset the bone. However, after the bone is set, you may want to begin seeing a Chinese practitioner to assist in the recovery phase with herbals, and perhaps micro-current electrical stimulation to help the bones to knit more quickly, relieve pain and strengthen the area.

In Arizona, we were part of an integrated practice with the top team of Urological Surgeons providing pre- and post-op support, as well as preventative therapies.

By tonifying the body, and especially the systems involved, prior to surgery, the patient is less traumatized by the surgery and has fewer complications during and after surgery. In the post-op patient, we strengthen the body, help control the pain and speed the re-growth of tissue and therefore the recovery. In many cases, the pre-op therapies were sufficient for the surgeon to re-evaluate the need for surgery. Such support is possible for all types of surgeries, including dental cavitations.

In the area of women’s health, TCM provides answers for the majority of problems we regularly see. Whether it deals with the onset of menstruation, menopause or any time in between, there are established treatment protocols that have been proven over the centuries.

Another area in which TCM has a great, but unrecognized, ability is fertility therapy. This shouldn’t be surprising as the medicine grew up during a historical period when large family groups were needed. Therefore, fertility treatments for both parents became an important part of the medicine. Even today, where family size is controlled in China, fertility and follow-up therapy is very important in order to assure a problem-free pregnancy, delivery and post-partum period for mother and child.

Melanie Krueger and Lilith deVeigh are doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine who now in practice in Woodinville, at Melanie’s Alternative Medical Center, 17924 140th Ave NE, Suite 210, Woodinville, WA 98072, 425-242-0954,, or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They are happy to answer specific questions in future articles.

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