Real estate transitions: Helping seniors stay at home safely

  • Written by Real estate transitions: Helping seniors stay at home safely

Many seniors prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible and that is often the most convenient, lowest cost and least stressful option. Little things can make a big difference — here are some great ideas for improving safety, convenience and peace of mind with simple changes and/or technology.

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Beyond sound: The link between hearing loss and cognitive health

  • Written by BPT

(BPT) – Difficulty hearing may be more than just a quality-of-life issue. Growing evidence indicates that untreated hearing loss in older adults can lead to other health conditions, and one of the most concerning is cognitive decline.
In fact, a Johns Hopkins Study found that cognitive diminishment was 41 percent more likely in seniors with hearing loss. Because maintaining the health of the brain is such a priority for older people, hearing difficulties should not be ignored.

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Trying To Get Pregnant?

  • Written by submitted By Fred Russo, DAOM, LAc

Are you having difficulties getting pregnant? Are you working with a fertility specialist? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then keep reading. If you are a guy and you think it is all up to the woman, then keep reading.
Dear uterus, thank you for hanging out in my pelvis for all of these years. It is now time for us to make a baby! It is quite amazing that each of us were grown in a uterus. The foundation of health and the overflow of nutrients supplement the whole reproductive system. This is why, if people are extremely sick, their libido decreases and women could also experience a cessation of their menstrual cycles.

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Is your physician happy? Frustrated physicians turning to a new kind of medicine

  • Written by Submitted by Dr. Dan Riegel, PartnerMD

Long waits, brief visits and impersonal service. Not only are these frustrating for you, the patient, but they’re also challenging for us, the physicians. Visiting the doctor didn’t always look like this. House calls and plenty of one-on-one time were long the hallmarks of your local family physician. Doctors often felt like part of your family. Today, you’re pleasantly surprised when you get more than 10 minutes with your physician.

Today’s health plans are reducing doctor reimbursements and increasing the number of patients that physicians in the traditional model have to see. Physicians are rushed, and often have to grapple with the stress of seeing patients as quickly as possible. This trend will only continue as our population continues to grow and age.

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