Transform your living spaces into sanctuaries with Feng Shui

  • Written by Molbak’s Garden+Home

A new client called very excited.

“How soon can you work on my house? I just visited one of your clients and was amazed to see and experience the transformation of her home and patio, from chaos, to calm and sophisticated. I’m looking forward to your suggestions and learning more about Feng Shui.
“Walking from her living room out to the patio I experienced that feeling of one continuous space. It is though the outside was brought in and the inside brought out. I experienced a discernible state of harmony and balance that is evident in nature.”

Transforming a home into a sanctuary with Feng Shui is not difficult; it just takes knowledge, time and effort. Feng Shui is a cross between an art and a science and involves five important elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. A properly placed lush plant, inspiring art or a bubbling water fountain can either add a splash of needed color or tone down the visual impact of a room.

Using the ancient guiding principles of Feng Shui, a sanctuary can be easily attained and brings forth a calm and productive home environment.

Why is a sanctuary so necessary? Our environment is a key component of our overall health. The mind needs a place for introspection, for healing, exploring relationships and creativity; healing and nurturing are encouraged by peaceful spaces.

How many times have you walked into the living room and seen magazines, books and shoes scattered about and felt instantly overwhelmed? Visual chaos creates emotional chaos. Clutter causes anxiety and inhibits concentration, focus and carry through. Clutter takes you out of a peaceful place and all you see is what did not get accomplished. On the other hand, an orderly home creates harmony and balance, renews the family and those visiting too.

Spring cleaning is a great time to make a fresh start. Reorganize the items in your rooms to show them to their best advantage. Incorporate the elements of Feng Shui and create visually appealing spaces to encourage creativity, balance and harmony.

Entertaining season is upon us. The areas that are utilized the most are the living room and outdoor patio, so now is the perfect time to focus on those two gathering places. It’s a time of graduations, spring cleaning, wedding and baby showers. A time of change, opportunities to organize, hold a garage sale or donate seldom-used items; time to reduce clutter and start building your sanctuary.

I encourage you to embrace and learn more about the guiding principles of Feng Shui – and in just one day, you can start to bring a sense of balance and harmony to your home and outdoor patios.

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