Farming on 300 square feet

  • Written by by Ariana de Leña Manager, First Light Farm

What do farming and a New York City apartment have in common? Both can be done in a mere 300 square feet! At First Light Farm in Carnation, this year 22 families took on their own “Mini Farm,” a 300-square-foot patch of land upon which they grew their own organic vegetables. Much like a community garden, the Mini Farm program allows gardeners to participate in a collective growing experience; Mini Farmers share tips for trellising rogue peas and sunflowers or lend one another extra starts over evening run-ins at the farm or at frequent farm potlucks.

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FROSTY FOCAL POINTS: Winter container gardening

  • Written by Molbaks garden+home

As the leaves are falling and the heady days of autumn come to a close, do you find yourself staring at unsightly outdoor planters on your doorstep?  This winter, why not use your containers a full four seasons and add excitement to your entry with some easy-care color!

When planting winter containers, you’ll need to prep them a little differently than your summer containers.  Rain and fluctuating temperatures, freezing and thawing can stress some plants and your pots, but if you choose wisely, you’ll be rewarded with winter-long beauty.   

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Gracious garden screening

  • Written by Molbaks garden+home

When someone says, “screening plants” what comes to mind? Tall, fast-growing hedges, planted to block the view of your neighbor’s garbage cans? Thickets of prickly barberry bushes, preventing man and beast from running across your lawn?

Screening plants aren’t just for privacy or windbreaks; well-placed screening plants can also frame or enhance a view. Some create a veil of greenery during certain times of the year. Others, with correct positioning, can discourage traffic and encourage it along a different path. And still more can create garden rooms with living, semi-transparent walls, offering a tranquil retreat.

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Fall harvest community event at 21 Acres

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Visit 21 Acres and its Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living during the fall harvest season, Friday through Sunday, Sept. 26-28, as it presents “Fresh Thinking: Food, Water and Bountiful Living.”

Located at 13701 NE 171st Street, Woodinville, 21 Acres invites visitors to explore how to conserve water and learn tips for growing food in minimal space; enjoy the award-winning film, “Growing Cities,” a documentary road trip about urban farming in America; sit in on one of the water-themed workshops and get professional advice with our resource experts; and stop in the 21 Acres Farm Market where a bounty of produce from the fall harvest will be showcased in addition to fall soups food demos.

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Growing edibles for fall, winter: start now

  • Written by Bill Thorness Author, Cool Season Gardener Courtesy of Molbak’s Garden+Home

Want to serve food from your garden at holiday dinners this year? It’s possible, if you get started now.

As you eye the tomato patch and hope for a good harvest, you could also be planning what will go next into that garden bed. When other summer crops come out, tasty cool-season crops can go in. They’ll use our gentle fall climate to get growing.

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