Letters to the Editor

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It was a delight to see a beautiful B-17 on the cover of the April 2 issue. My grandfather was a B-17 pilot during World War II (92nd Bomb Group) so I had a personal connection to your story. Prior to your article, I was unaware of the upcoming Madras Maiden visit.  I used the opportunity to take my young daughter to tour the aircraft and to tell her about her great-grandfather. Thanks for the coverage.

Eric Johnson, Woodinville

Letters to the Editor - 4/9/18

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On behalf of the parents, coaches and student-athletes at Woodinville High School I would like to thank the Woodinville community for its outstanding support of our recent Sip, Bite, Win! fundraiser to benefit WHS Sports held at the Brightwater Center on March 31st. The Falcon Athletic Booster Club (FAB) was formed to support our 19 boys’ and girls’ sports teams with training, equipment, travel, coaching and other expenses that are not otherwise provided through district funding. In addition, FAB supports a scholarship program for WHS graduating seniors along with special projects at the school. Special thanks to the restaurants, beverage companies and donors who provided auction items, as well as to the many community members who attended and helped make the evening a great success for our kids. For more information on Falcon Boosters, or to become one yourself, visit
Brett Bader, President
Falcon Athletic Booster Club

Letters to the Editor - 3/26/18

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In reference to the February 26 Letter to the Editor about Triangle Park, I want to let the city of Bothell know that I enjoy Triangle Park.  I hope the city will spend some time there and restore its beauty.
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Letters to the Editor - 3/12/18

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Kudos Governor Inslee

Thank you Governor Inslee for standing our ground and staunchly facing the United States president on Monday, February 26.  Your words were blunt, factual and expressed long needed political outrage.  Skipping political correctness and calling out the president face-to-face on his ludicrous support of arming teachers was succinct.  Undeniable.  As people like you refuse to cave, I continue to hope some good may be on the horizon.

Your statements against arming teachers: perfect.  A+.

Your visit on “All In with Chris Hayes” (MSNBC, 02-26-18) further punctuated the critical need to rise above the NRA and a president seemingly void of honesty, empathy or good faith (“The Art of the Con” as you equated).  We must nonetheless find a way to achieve common sense and meaningful gun law reform. #NeverAgain

Your visit on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” (MSNBC, 02-27-18), well, your words so poignant that Chris Matthews did not even interrupt you… and that NEVER happens.  Nice job!

Standing Ovation.

Janelle Stancik,
Woodinville Voter

Letters to the Editor - 3/5/18

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I'm a retired physician and its clear to me that human-caused climate change due to greenhouse gases is on track to become the biggest public health threat of our time. All of us can be harmed, but some are more vulnerable than others: children, the elderly, the sick, the poor, and communities of color. The World Health Organization declared climate change the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.

It is the duty of our elected officials to protect our health and well being.  Our Governor understands this responsibility, and made climate change the centerpiece of his recent State of the State address. Now our lawmakers in Olympia have an opportun-ity to take action on climate by passing legislation that would create a 100 percent clean electricity future for Washington. A new bill, HB 2995, phases out coal by 2030 and requires it be replaced by fossil-free resources, and requires that all new  investments  in  energy resources be fossil-free. It is a major step forward that will lead to a 100 percent carbon reduction for electricity by 2045.

The longer we wait to act on climate, the more fossil fuel we continue to burn, and the more dire effects on public health. Our lawmakers have under two weeks to take the necessary steps to put the state on a path to a cleaner, healthier, and economically strong future. I hope you will join me in calling on Representatives Larry Springer and Roger Goodman and all of our state representatives in Olympia to pass 100 percent clean energy legislation this session.

Gerald A. Cufley M.D.
Member Climate and Health Task Force, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, Woodinville