Letters to the Editor - 10/31/16

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Woodinville Property Taxes
Dear Brandon,

I know you are new to the city of Woodinville this year, but last year the city council approved a property tax increase for the homeowners of Woodinville which they estimated to be approximately $5 for a home worth $500,000.  

Sounds like the same tune we heard last year.  However that $5 turned into an increase of $82.55 in our city property tax bill of 2016. With a surplus of $22.8 million in reserves this increase should be out of the question. Sounds like maybe we are being overtaxed! I propose giving some of the money back to the homeowners to help pay their tax bills which will certainly increase next year with the values of the homes going up and up. Personally our overall property tax increase was over $1,000 this year. And if the Sound Transit measure passes (I will be voting no), we could see another $1,000 added to our tax bills for the next 20 plus years.  Homeowners on fixed incomes cannot afford to pay this increase. The city council should vote no on any such measure.

Susan Milke

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