Letters to the Editor - 11/21/16

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City Engineering and the Public Safety commission have independently identified key gaps in the safety of kids walking to school. Yet the mayor has only offered pandering discussion of a 6 year plan.  I’m sure it will make the elementary students feel better that their days of dodging of cars will only last into high school. Seriously with a budget surplus sufficient to create a real-estate slush-fund there is no reason not to accelerate the work now.

Regarding one particular danger to children, Council- member Boundy-Sanders clearly admitted in Tuesday’s meeting that the council’s vote to remove the safety barrier on 195th St. “was our screw up” (3:33 into the recording).

So why don’t they just return the situation to its former form until a proper design is implemented?  Remember that safety barrier was working for 30 years already.

Alex Campbell

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