Letters to the Editor - 12/05/16

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Bothell Mosque

You are misinforming and doing your readership a disservice when you print biased fake news. In your front page article about the Bothell mosque, you state “… , a presidential candidate riding to office partly on a pledge to create a registry for Muslims, …”.

If you did some research you would find that what is being talked about is a “program tracking visitors to the U.S. from countries with active terrorist threats. (National Review)”. This program was established after the 9/11 attacks. It’s VISITORS. Your front page article uses inflammatory language. If the media would stop with the biased language maybe there wouldn’t be “harassment nationwide”, or communities “on edge”.  I, for one, support national sovereignty, our right to know who is visiting our country and who wants to stay in our country.   

Kathy Peterson



I want to say a quick thank you to our Woodinville Falcons football players for being such fantastic role models. After the heartbreaking loss by our Woodinville football team Friday before last, I watched the parents, coaches, teachers and our team’s players handle that loss with grace and style. After the game, parents and teachers were consoling players. Coaches went from player to player talking about how proud they were of each individual player’s accomplishments.

Yet what impressed me the most was how our team’s players reacted when a few different elementary students went up to them after the game. The Woodinville players were broken and many were wandering around in a teary daze after such an unexpected loss. Then, as these groups of little kids went up to them, the players stood tall and high-fived the kids showing smiles and heart.

I want to specifically call out the Falcons Quarterback #3. He was visibly shaken and just standing by an empty end zone with his helmet on, looking at the vacant football field almost as if he was trying to wake up from a bad dream. Then, my two 5th graders and their best friend went up to #3 to congratulate him and ask for a high five. He shook that daze off immediately and started thanking the kids for being there, asked them questions about themselves and if they would go to Woodinville High one day. Then with a smile as big as if he had just won the Super Bowl, he knelt for a pic with them, thanking them again for being fans and coming to watch him and his team play!

All three of those 5th grader (now super fans) saw exactly how Woodinville Falcons are supposed to act!

Nice work Woodinville. Community Win!

Barry Long, Woodinville

Woodinville 3 with KidsLeft to right: Evan, Grace and Gavin with WHS football player #3 Jaden Sheffey. (Photo by Art Pregler)

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