Letters to the Editor - 12/12/16

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Bothell Mosque
I am responding to Kathy Peterson’s rant regarding the Bothell Mosque article.  It seems you, Kathy, are misinforming the readership.  You obviously missed one of Donald Trump’s public speeches broadcast on TV stations with him spewing what his kingdom will be like, like an episode of House of Cards. His version of Season 6?

You owe the Woodinville Weekly and it’s readership an apology for your misinformation. Don’t misunderstand, you have a right to your opinion but don’t distort the facts that the majority of the US population witnessed Donald Trump saying on TV live and part of his election platform was based on.  I find it very sad that everyone is after the “Media,” but seem to be blind to the blatant facts of what actually came out of Trump’s mouth this past year, including his campaign manager this past month.

It is the responsibility of all of us to be informed with facts. It has been proven the majority of the internet side news is bogus; to hook us in to going to these sites which they profit from each hit. Fact check everything before you become part of the problem. No one likes or appreciates disinformation, but it is leaning that a lot simply don’t care. We owe it to our country and to our children. The Woodinville Weekly is not part of the problem, Kathy.

Shawnee McCartor



According to the Woodinville Weekly, the site of the future Woodinville Village in the Hollywood District is for sale again.  What does this mean to those of us who live near the proposed development? Bad News. It means many more years of staring at weeds, vacant land and chain link fencing. Not to mention the lost opportunity to benefit from what might have been built there.

I saw the plans for the original Woodinville Village development approved in 2005. It would have been a welcome addition to our community. Housing, retail shops, restaurants, services, landscaped walkways and public gathering spaces. The sort of upscale mixed-use project Woodinville would have been proud of.

After the original developer ran out of funding a new owner purchased the property with the intent of building the same type of high-quality project.  Instead of welcoming this new developer, our City Council said, No Thank You!  They refused to renew the development permit, which had already approved, requiring the new owner to start completely over.  A process that will add several more years and countless additional dollars to the project. Understandably the owner is tired of waiting, and opting to sell.  

So 10 - 12 years later the process starts all over again.  Most certainly with even more restrictions added by our city officials.

Thanks to procrastination from the Woodinville City Council area residents now have fewer restaurants to dine at, less places to shop, and fewer outdoor gathering spaces to enjoy.  Oh yeah, and we get to look at dirt, weeds and chain link fencing for another 10 - 12 years.

Keep up the good work City Council.

Reed West
Hollywood Hill

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