Letters to the Editor - January 30, 2017

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According to, one in five Americans have a mental health condition in a given year. I’m very interested in mental health because the illness is generational in my family; and I’ve had to cope with it myself. Once I had a job selling medicines for bipolar, OCD and ADHD.  In coping, not only do you need to find a good doctor for treatment – and they’re very hard to come by – but you have to deal with the sickening cultural shame “or “stigma” of the disorder.  

It’s very important to talk about mental disorders to remove the shame of them. We are so lucky that EvergreenHealth is stepping up to the challenge. On Thursday, February 2nd, 6-8 p.m., Evergreen is hosting a free “Community Conversation to End Mental Illness Stigma” event. It’s my deep hope, that the more people who register and turn out, the greater the chance CEO Bob Malte will be inclined to provide a much needed Behavioral Health Clinic in Redmond or Kirkland.  Please tell your friends and neighbors – the room capacity is 150. To register, get directions, and ask questions, call one of EvergreenHealth’s friendly receptionists at 425-899-3000. Please, please call them. The conversation is bound to be lively!      
Bob Yoder

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