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In your January 9th edition of the Valley View, I read with great interest your outstanding article on Forterra’s saving 376 acres of the last unprotected old growth forest in King County. The Blethen Lake and Titicaed Creek parcels acquired not only saved virgin growth timber and native vegetation, it also saved the habitat for endangered species such as the spotted owl and marbled murrelets. I was very thankful to read that the DNR guarantees that these parcels will remain untouched forever.

As important and monumental as these land transfers actually were, it is even more imperative that all of us focus our interest in combating climate change. What good is it to save these precious tracts of land if our children and grandchildren have no air to breathe?

Many climate scientists even predict the eventual extinction of mankind due to man-caused climate change – the warming of the earth from ever increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Recent news from NASA and other weather tracking agencies reported that average world temperatures have continued to set new high temperature records for the last three years – 2014, 2015 and 2016 – each year higher than the year before.

The evidence of severe climate change is also easily observable: Greenland’s rapidly melting glaciers, salt waterfront tide levels rising in coastal cities worldwide, first time ever ice-free Arctic Ocean in the summer, extreme river flooding, larger tornadoes and wider proliferation of droughts. We should trust the vast majority of climate scientists who state that we are dangerously close to the tipping point of irreversible climate chaos.

We need to have our governmental decision makers to act. I urge your readers to call and write their state and federal representatives and senators to support a revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend tax to discourage excessive fossil fuel reliance, to invest in clean energy infrastructure (creating well-paying jobs) and to encourage all citizens and businesses to adopt renewable energy for heating, electricity and vehicular transportation.

The time is now to do this.
Steven J. Barker, Duvall

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