Letters to the Editor - February 27, 2017

  • Written by Readers

Thank you

Recently, Brad Warter posted the following letter that received such an outpouring of positivity, that I wanted to continue the conversation on what the Weekly means to me.

It doesn’t just mean a job for me, it embodies things that matter to me, my family and the community. I worked for the Weekly for seven years before taking a break for 1.5 years recently. When Julie Boselly asked me if I would entertain coming back to the Weekly in December 2016, I jumped at the chance. 

I am proud to work for Julie and look forward to continuing what Carol Edwards started over 40 years ago, by bringing community and news together.

We at the Weekly look forward to hearing more from you regarding what the paper means to you.

Karin Hopper
General Manager, Woodinville Weekly

Dear Woodinville neighbors

Especially for those of you who have lived in the Woodinville area for a while, you know the Woodinville Weekly local newspaper has not only been a source of local information but a joy to read. Carol Edwards, who founded the paper, watched and grew as Woodinville did decades ago. She and the newspaper she founded are Woodinville! She made such an impact that the Carol Edwards Community Center exists today. Her daughter Julie Boselly, continues this legacy today.

Today, with large businesses consuming Woodinville, the paper has lost its luster as newbies do not understand what it stands for. Well, my wife and I do. We ask each and every one of you to not only support it but encourage it. And I challenge businesses to support the local paper with some advertising and support. How about small ads that say live in Woodinville? Show ID and get 5-10% purchase on Wednesdays or something. Just an idea. Coupon ONLY available in Woodinville Weekly. Try it and watch what happens.

We need this paper. Some of us love this paper!

Brad and Sue Warter

DeYoung Park

Regarding DeYoung Park redesign, I suggest a quick, inexpensive improvement would be to repaint the white picnic tables to the brown of the large fir in the background, thus camouflaging the table smears in the photo.

Maxine Keesling

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