Letters to the Editor - March 13, 2017

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Our amazing community continues to amaze ...

We greatly appreciate the unexpected and generous gift of the Falcon Gridiron Club to the scholarship fund in the honor of Parker Archie Moore. Many in the community are familiar with the story that 28 months ago Parker died from a random stabbing near his college in Oregon at age 20. Since then, we have seen many acts of remembrance and kindness from our Woodinville community and beyond.
This happened again last week.   

Coach Maxwell and the 2016 football team captains asked us to meet privately with them after school. They presented a check for almost $5,000 to the scholarship fund representing 44% (“44” was Parker’s football jersey number) of the funds raised at the booster club’s annual auction last fall. Additionally, each of the captains explained the impact of the Falcon football experience on them and how they will take that into their future. How amazing is this from many perspectives?!  There really are not adequate words to put this in context, except to say “thank you” for continuing Parker’s legacy and representing his character.

We are reviewing applications for the 2017 scholarships through the Scholarship Foundation of Northshore in Parker’s name. There are many outstanding applicants that exemplify Parker’s character with financial needs for their college plans. Due to this generosity and the collective donations of many others, it appears there are funds to grant up to three new 4-year scholarships in May. That will bring the total to nine WHS scholarships granted in Parker’s name (Linfield College has a parallel process). 

Again, please accept our appreciation to an amazing community that continues to amaze.
Doug, Julee and Hayley #44strongforever

Interfaith Alliance

Bear Creek United Methodist Church and Congregation Kol Ami stand together in showing our support for our local Muslim and Sikh neighbors who have been the recent targets of hate and violence. We are outraged by the recent shooting of a Sikh man south of Seattle last week. We know that silence is not an option in the face of increasing intolerance in our society.

Our two congregations have joined together in recent months to create an Interfaith Alliance to help combat hate and promote our shared values of compassion and love for our neighbors. Together we recognize the diverse  nature of our Woodinville community and the need for people of good faith to speak up and speak out when any of us are targeted by animosity and bigotry. On March 26th at 6 p.m. we will be hosting an interfaith potluck inviting our neighboring religious groups of many traditions to join together to build community. Together our two congregations affirm our joint sense of purpose in reaching out and bringing in people of many faith backgrounds into our community of neighbors. We strive to bring together all people who seek the true American dream – a dream of a society based on mutual respect and kindness, a sense of security and peace and actively displaying the tapestry of our beautiful diversity.

Congregation Kol Ami and Bear Creek United Methodist Church’s Interfaith Alliance.
Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg
Pastor Brooke McBride

Levy Cliff Delay Bill

On March 6th, 2017, the Senate tried AGAIN ... to once more bring the Levy Cliff Delay Bill (SHB 1059) to floor via a 9th Order. Instead of allowing a vote that would save school districts from losing $500 million, how did the Senate Republicans respond? To avoid the vote: The Senate Republicans adjourned at 5:09pm… I’m appalled that our children’s education hangs on the balance of a Red Party Line & I’m not having it! How dare you Senator Rossi, to continue to put your own agenda before the children’s needs of education in Our Fine State! 
So, I say this to this to the Republican Line… As a Parent Advocate, of the largest Parent-Teacher -Organization in this Nation & a member of Washington’s Paramount Duty… We have taken notice of you! You, who try to hold our children, teachers, schools, and communities in your grip. Not on Our Watch!!! Every time you vote against children in our state – & – avoid a vote, we will be writing to our local editors calling you out on your actions. So, again: Not on Our Watch !!!
-Corina Pfeil


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