Letters to the Editor - May 15, 2017

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I’m a Bothell High School Class of 1964 graduate. I spent 4 years in the Marine Corps from 1964 to 1968, and one year in Vietnam. When I think of two of my classmates, Richard Worthington, the grandson of the founder of Bothell State Bank, and Chuck Slusser, and all of the other fallen students that went through the Northshore School District, I can’t understand why anyone would think they aren’t important enough to be honored by their own school district.  

School districts all over the Puget Sound area are dedicating their district stadiums to their fallen students. The Northshore School District is one of the best school districts in the area, why would they want to ignore their own students who died fighting for our country? They wouldn’t!  We can’t start making suggestions to give them a less honorable dedication than all the other school districts. There is reason that those districts have dedicated their stadiums to their fallen students, it’s the most honorable thing they can do, and it’s sending the wrong message to our local veterans to do otherwise.  

The Snohomish School District already had their district stadium dedicated to their fallen students, and recently they upgraded their memorial to include a gorgeous granite monument at the stadium. We want to do something similar!

Nearly 100 percent of the comments on Facebook are positive, not to mention the 113 supporters who signed the on line petition. Nobody wants to take the Pop Keeney name away, we only want to add the word “Memorial” to it. We also want to honor Pop Keeney like he has never been honored before, right along with our fallen veterans by placing a monument just outside of the stadium gates, not on the inside where it can’t be seen! That way everyone walking around the Stadium and McMenamins can enjoy it! 
Parl Guthrie
BHS Class of 1964 &
United States Marine Corps 1964 to 1968

Thanks to the City of Woodinville

Once again, the City of Woodinville has demonstrated sound judgment and compassion in dealing with the problem of homelessness by granting Northshore United Church of Christ a permit to host Camp Unity Eastside from May 26 through August 26. Last year, the city did what no Eastside city has ever done and allowed the camp to stay on city property at the Carol Edwards Center for 120 days. After that stay, the camp went to Kirkland Congregational Church in Kirkland and then to St. Jude Catholic Church in Redmond, where they are now. I especially want to thank the city staff for their courtesy and diligence in working with the church through the permitting process. Citizens of Woodinville can be proud of their city council and staff for the excellent job they are doing.

Dennis W. Lone

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