Letter to the Editor - June 12, 2017

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Two wires touched off a 4-alarm fire in my parents' house tonight. They're okay. The house can and will be repaired. We're a bit shaken, yet fine. My reason for this post is not self-pity, my reason is gratitude for KINDNESS. Kindness from the fire and paramedic trucks (there were at least 12) who carried firefighters strapped with 50 pounds of oxygen into smoke. The same ones who demurred with open smiles and, "just doing my job" when thanked. KINDNESS from Matt who spotted the fire early on and heroically leapt on the smoking roof with a hose. KINDNESS from Christine, the volunteer chaplain, who greeted my running through dark air and flashing lights with, "Your parents are fine" and then talked us through the events of the night. KINDNESS from the fire inspector who efficiently determined the cause and the captain who helped collect toothbrushes. KINDNESS from the foreman (who had been working on the roof today), who stood in the dark to assure my father, “we'll get your home back for you.” KINDNESS from the firefighters who even now watch and will put out any fire that dares to re-kindle tonight + keep my little gray cat safe. KINDNESS from neighbors who offered help. And a special KINDNESS from the neighbors we don't know well, who brought a cart full of drinks and chairs, waited, then cleared bedrooms for us to sleep, and reminded us to charge phones and move tomorrow's early meetings.

So easy. Is it not? To forget that the world is composed of kind people. Thank you to all of those that I cannot personally thank. We shall not forget your kindness while you saved my parents' lives, treasures and home.
Laura Drumm

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