Letters to the Editor - July 10, 2017

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Over   the   last   decade,    public funding for science, arts and heritage programs across Washington has been cut in half — disproportionately hurting schools and families in underserved communities, even though we know introducing kids to arts, science, and heritage education improves education outcomes.
That’s why I’m voting YES on King County Proposition 1 — a measure on the August 1 primary ballot that would boost funding for arts, science, and heritage education for every student in King County.

Prop. 1 will expand arts, science and heritage education for all King County students by funding in-class programming and providing free field trips for every school in King County to our region’s world-class museums, science institutions and cultural center.

Prop. 1 will also create free and reduced-price ticket programs at our region’s largest   institutions   for  people on fixed budgets like seniors, low-income and middle-class families, and it provide stable funding for more than 300 community-based organizations throughout  the  entire county — including proportionally more funding for organizations that primarily serve communities of color.

Prop. 1 will help level the playing  field  for  King  County students and families, and ensure everyone has access to arts, science and heritage education.
Please vote YES on Prop. 1 on your primary ballot.

Louise Miller, former State Rep. 45th/King County Council 3rd District


It is campaign season in Washington (again) and I would like to remind everyone in the greater Woodinville area that per RCW 29A.84.040, removing or defacing lawfully placed campaign signs without authorization is a criminal misdemeanor (RCW 9A.20.021), punishable by “Up to 90 days in prison, up to  a $ 1,000 fine, or both.” This reminder is a response to the rash of thefts of candidate signs for the 45th Legislative District Senate, especially near the Wine Tourism area.
You are perfectly free to disagree with a candidate, but leave the signs alone - not only is it illegal, but it is un-American.

Derek van Veen

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