Letters to the Editor - 7/17/17

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In our pretty little well managed town, it is difficult to be a complainer.  But.  I drive the new Woodinville-Duvall road regularly, and every time I pass, I wonder:  With all the time, effort and expense of the Woodinville-Duvall Rd 'enhancement', why is it that the islands look so unkempt?  The weeds on the new center planters are there no allowance in the budget for maintenance of these (severely overplanted) islands?  Maybe we need a community weed-pull to rid the road of its ugly overgrowth and unwanted weeds?  Maybe it is the Highway Dept's problem?  In any case, I doubt it will be long before the City will be pulling the too many and too huge (cedar?) trees as they outgrow their space.  In the meantime it would be a welcome sight to drive by a somewhat manicured decor on this new road!
Jane Zappone


I attended the candidate forum and meet-and-greet put on by the Education Hill Neighborhood Association on Tuesday night. The forum was supposed to feature all three candidates running in the 45th legislative district state senate race, but many of us were met with disappointment when we learned Republican candidate Jinyoung Englund would not be attending.
I ask and encourage Jinyoung Englund to attend upcoming candidate forums and I look forward to hearing from her on how she will address the issues facing Washington's 45th district. Thank you to all the candidates who attended the forum, and thank you to those who organized the event.
C Williams

Proposition 1

I have a comment on Proposition 1 also known as the "Access for All" measure.  If passed on August 1st, the measure would increase sales tax by .1% to fund arts, culture and science programs throughout King County.

I am a big supporter of arts education, cultural activities and community involvement HOWEVER in my opinion Proposition 1 has a regressive tax structure that unfairly impacts low- and middle-income families.

I encourage you to make the decision whether the benefits of "Access for All" outweighs another tax in King County.
Linda Jenkins

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