Letters to the Editor - 8/28/17

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Never Leave Animals in Your Car

Unfortunately, I had the experience of watching a beautiful black Labrador dying in the inside of a locked car with the windows rolled up while it was 85 degrees outside and probably 120 degrees or more inside the vehicle in Woodinville on August 17, 2017.

Someone mentioned a Labrador in a car with the windows rolled up.  The windows were dripping with condensation marked with paw marks on the windows showing he was trying to get out of the car.  The devastated Labrador was foaming at the mouth while going into shock.  We called 911 immediately. The 911 operator stated it was illegal to break a window of a car since it would be vandalism. It was of no comfort to know there was nothing that I could do to save the Labrador.

The owner finally returned to his car after a two hour lunch. The owner lets Labrador sleep in the trunk (getting through the back seat since one cushion is down in the backseat). The owner opened the trunk telling Labrador to get out of the car. Labrador could not walk or move any parts of his body except for the heavy panting and he could not drink.

Labrador was limp with his head hanging back when the owner lifted him out of the trunk. People poured cold water on Labrador trying to cool his body down. The owner was very mild mannered which was devastating and appalling to see the lack of compassion for Labrador.

The Police Officer told the owner to take Labrador to a Veterinarian immediately since Labrador is dying. At first, the owner was going to put Labrador back into the trunk of the car when the Police Officer told the owner to put Labrador in the back seat, with the cushions upright, preventing Labrador from being put into the trunk by the owner.

This case is animal cruelty which will be investigated by Animal Control. If and when Labrador dies it will be a felony and the owner will be a felon.
Michelle Burdue

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