Letters to the Editor - 9/11/17

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I don’t know if you can, but I’d like to ask your help getting in touch with one of your residents.
He was in Spokane at a wine bar on Wednesday evening, July 26th, and he very kindly picked up the bar bill for myself and my friend Bill after a lengthy conversation. (There was an unfortunate spill of lovely Washington State Cabernet on some brand-new white slacks involved, too!)

We never exchanged names, but this delightful man regaled us with stories of his adventures working with a film crew/production company documenting off-road motorcycling in the Appalachians and across the country.

We’d like to thank him personally and get more information about the project. He told us his wife is very ill, and we’re hoping she’s doing okay, and that any attempt to contact him will be taken in the right spirit!!

If you can help in any way to get us in touch with this man, we’d be very grateful. We’re planning to get to your wine country on our next trip (coming from LA and NYC!) as a result of this man’s rave reviews of YOUR wine country.

Thanks a million for whatever you can do.
Wendy D, New York
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It may already have a name(?) but Woodinvillians really ought to have a special local name for  the distractingly noticeable windmill-like installation smack dab in the middle of the new bypass roadway.

We nominate “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” as the most apt label, and  can only wonder if  the Elton John recording might ooze out of speakers  when this mirrored thing spins in the sunlight, attracting drivers’  attention while circumnavigating the roundabout. If we cannot agree on a title, can we at least know its total cost to taxpayers?

Jon & June Hahn, Woodinville

Editor’s Note:  The sculpture was a donation to the city.  The Woodinville Weekly staff wrote a story about the artwork on March 28, 2017.  It can be found at


I noticed that, shortly after the August primary election, nearly all of the signs for 45th District State Senate candidate Jinyoung Englund had been removed on Avondale Road.  I still saw plenty of signs for other candidates along the road.  I asked Englund’s campaign about this, and they told me that they did not remove them, nor had local authorities removed them.  I had a similar experience when I installed an Englund sign on my street and it was removed twice.

I’m not going to point any fingers here, but it seems rather suspicious that Englund’s signs are disappearing, while her opponent’s signs remain.  I hope that those in our community who are inclined to play dirty politics remember that removing campaign signs is illegal and portrays your candidate negatively.

Peter Drewel, Woodinville


The Sammamish Valley Alliance (SVA) appreciates that Executive Constantine addressed recent unpermitted business activity here in the Sammamish Valley. This activity highlighted the inability of the main two-lane county road to handle the impact of a large-scale event, despite having three sheriff officers on-site to direct traffic. If the east side of that road were allowed to develop along that section of road it would be very problematic.

King County and the City of Woodinville have long discussed the idea of a joint area study, but the leadership to make that happen has yet to emerge. We acknowledge that the county and the city share common boundaries; and no common boundary is more significant than the mile of shared Sammamish River, framed on both sides by King County parkland. On the east side, from Willows Lodge to Wilmot Park lies a sleeping connector of all things community to all things organic and sustainable. And, bordering the river to the west, is the ever-expanding River District of wineries, breweries, and distilleries. This is where we should further nurture an adult beverage business. These businesses, and their customers, want an outdoor, farm-fresh experience. Where better to invite them but to a riverfront trail with views of the farmland to the east?

With vision, we could install pedestrian bridges that cross the river at the Tolt Pipeline and then again closer to Wilmot Park, allowing a person to walk or ride safely along the existing trail, then crossing to the River District. This is prime riverfront with a view unmatched. Bridges would entice more restaurants to the River District, encouraging farm-direct purchasing as well as the influx of businesses which support the beverage industry along SR202. The necessary infrastructure to accommodate additional truck and vehicle traffic already exists, so few alterations would need to be made to allow for this growth.

Let us be creative in addressing the challenge of where to encourage further development of wineries and tasting rooms. Let’s be the leadership that creates something great, something that showcases the beautiful landscape which makes our community unique, unlike anyplace else.

Thomas Quigley, President
Brenda Vanderloop, Exec. Dir.
Sammamish Valley Alliance


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