Letters to the Editor - Valley View 9/11/17

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Last year I was with FEMA in Houston. I stayed in a hotel in Katy, just west of Houston. This year Katy got 9" of rain on Sunday, August 27, for an accumulation of 29.75" since 8 p.m. the previous Thursday. If I were there now, I wonder if I would have enough food in the refrigerator. Come to think of it, the power in Katy has likely been out since the storm hit.

From the August 28 Wall Street Journal's opinion piece on Tropical Storm Harvey: "The costs will be enormous in losses to property as the region dries out, but the good news is that a rich country like the United States has the resources to respond. The means to cope with disaster, natural or man-made, is one reason that we put so much focus in these pages on policies that promote sustained economic growth and the wealth that flows from it.

"Immunity from nature’s fury is an illusion that humans cultivate until we are forced to confront that fury again. We forget the damage that storms and earthquakes can do. Com-plex societies can better cope with the damage if they have a reservoir of accumulated wealth that governments and private sources can devote to alleviating the suffering and helping communities rebuild."

We here in Carnation and Duvall should be able to cope with the Big One when it happens, but after that disaster we may be on our own for a few weeks or months. Got non-perishable food and water to last you on the trip to Ellensburg or further east?
 Gene Laughlin

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