Letters to the Editor - 10/16/17

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Important to Vote

Dear voters of the 45th legislative district of Washington State, I hope you are all aware of the importance of the special election in your district on November 7th 2017. You will vote on a really important state senate race. I encourage you all to mail in your ballots! If you are not registered to vote, the last day to register in person is October 30th and you can do so at the county elections office at 919 SW Grady Way in Renton. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a high voter turnout? The history of voter turn in our state shows we can do way better!!
Democracy is really in our hands and local elections have an incredible impact on our lives. Learn about the candidates and get out there!

We’re all counting on you!
With loving pressure,
Jen Weeks, The 42nd district

Remembering Maxine Keesling

Maxine wrote in 1975 “You know, we’re in at the beginning of what is going to be a great thing” after she and Barbara Bonow met with King County. They convinced a King County Council Capital Improvement Committee to allow the community to renovate the County owned gravel pit on the NE side of Hollywood Hill. This has become the Hollywood Hill Saddle Club (Hollywood Hill Equestrian Park). The Park along with the Trail System that runs to Gold Creek Park and the Tolt Trail “created an antidote to boredom, making a place for all ages to go for wholesome activity” added Maxine.

Next time you visit the Saddle Club or walk the trails, please thank Maxine for starting it all!

Tom Short, Hollywood Hill

Every year, there are parents who make the choice to forego or delay vaccinating their children. Although this choice is well-meaning, many do not fully comprehend the significance of their decision. Not only are these parents unnecessarily putting their own children at risk for contracting a potentially deadly vaccine-preventable disease, but they are also actively risking the lives of susceptible populations such as infants, elderly, and cancer patients.

Numerous diseases that were once very serious threats worldwide are now preventable via vaccination. However, without it, the risk of contracting one of these diseases is still very real. Washington state is currently suffering a mumps outbreak with about 891 cases as of September 13, 2017, with King County making up around 35% of them. This is just one avoidable disease that can have severe complications such as brain inflammation and deafness.

These vaccines go through intensive trials to ensure their safety before they are released to the public, however, if parents have any safety concerns, they must make sure to discuss them with a health professional, not the internet.

It is a parent’s duty to help their child be as healthy as possible, and part of that is vaccinating: enabling their immune systems to defend themselves from known, preventable diseases.

Jenna Lounsbery, Woodinville
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