Letters to the Editor - 10/30/17

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How would you feel if you risked your life and came home to hatred and disrespect? Today I am here to talk to everyone about how disrespected the veterans from our military are.
I have grown up in a military family and am hurt whenever I see or hear about someone disrespecting the people who give their lives for people who hate them. My father is a Marine, my uncle was in the Army, my other uncle was in the Air Force, my grandfather was in the Navy, and my other grandfather was in the Coast Guard. My best friend is also in the Army. These people are some of the hardest working, most focused individuals. 

I am sick of logging onto social media sites to see people casually post how horrible veterans are because they had to kill people. Without reading an entire article, people post negative stories about the military without knowing the entire story.  The military doesn’t care about how much everyone hates them, they still risk their lives for you.

But we already have the tools that can help us work on this issue. We have compassion and the ability to care about them as much as they care about us.

When you see a veteran, or active service person, make them feel welcome.  Thank them for their service and treat them with respect. I need you to help out when you see a veteran who needs help.

This is important to all of us because we wouldn’t want to risk our lives for people who don’t care. Thank you.

Derek Webster


According to the Associated Press, September 2017, “100 black bears, cougars, bobcats, deer and elk in southwestern Washington state and northwestern Oregon, with many of the animals hunted with dogs and then left to rot.” People kill animals then let them waste. Hunting matters to me because it’s a bonding experience between friends and family, and when I hunt, I know where the meat I eat comes from. It just tastes better.

Poaching is bad because it takes away wildlife. It not only kills existing animals, but also future generations of animals. Hunters know that you are not supposed to kill a doe (female deer) unless you have a certain tag or you are under a certain age.  We need the does to reproduce and populate the area.

Hunters are supposed to follow regulations.  We are only allowed to use equipment that is allowed in certain areas.  For example, our state does not allow thermal goggles. We can only hunt during daylight or hours listed for that area. There are limits of every animal that we can take.  For example, hunters can only kill one deer during a season. And one bear per season only if you buy the tags before you hunt.

Another issue is killing deer then leaving the carcasses rather than keep-ing them to eat. This is a problem because it is a waste and it’s disrespectful to animals. Call the game department if you find a carcass or you know some-one who poached.

Don’t shoot just to shoot. There are gun ranges for that. Know the rules. This will make the outdoors safer for other hunters and campers.

Dominic Legg

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