Letters to the Editor - 11/13/17

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
I urge readers to oppose the proposed zoning changes in the Woodinville Wine District area.  The proposed changes would have a significant adverse impact on the quality of life in the area.  It would also reward the small number of commercial interests who have been violating existing zoning for years.  The proposal would go far beyond grandfathering in the offenders; it would change the zoning from rural residential to commercial over a 3-mile stretch of Woodinville-Redmond Road. This would change a large rural residential area into a mini Napa Valley.  The traffic on this road is already very bad and would become intolerable with the proposed changes.  Is this what we want?  As a long-time resident, I am very worried about degradation of the quality of life in my town.  There are already plenty of wineries and tasting rooms sited in appropriately zoned locations.  The proposal clearly violates the intent of the GMA (Growth Management Act).  Again, why would we reward  businesses that violate existing zoning regulations.

It’s a disgrace that the County did not enforce zoning in this area, which they have compounded with an outrageous proposal to commercialize our residential area.  It would be a travesty for the residents of Woodinville and the surrounding area for this proposal to be approved.
Readers can contact Kathy Lambert and other members of the King County Council, Executive Dow Constantine, and the Dept. of Permitting and Environmental Review.
Ted Turk, Woodinville

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