Letters to the Editor - 2/26/18

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NRA over children? Senators Schoesler, Padden, Fortunato, and Ericksen voted against a bump-stock ban in Wash.  (SB 5299 passed 29 to 20 and now will get a hearing in the House.)
Excerpts from columnist Danny Westneat Seattle Times January 26th, 2018 “Clearly this is the first gun seizure in the state of Washington,” Sen. Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville, told the Senate.
“I can shoot five rounds a second with my Glock, and faster than that with my Sig. ...” Sen. Phil Fortunato.
“Do you really think the crazy, psycho person who sits in a hotel room with a gun is gonna say, ‘Oh, it’s against the law in Washington state, so now I’m not going to do my crime?’ ” Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale..
GUN VIOLENCE will only change if WE VOTE THEM OUT. 
Cathy Ferbrache, Bothell
In Nov.  2016 Wash. became the 18th state to officially call for a constitutional amendment to  overturn  the  2010  Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.  Washingtonians passed Initiative 735 by 63% statewide, a super majority, and with 60.10% in the first congressional district.  This initiative calls on  present and future Wash. State delegations to the federal Congress to propose, then ratify, a joint resolution for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision.  Citizens United opened the flood gates for Big Money to dominate our elections.
Nationally 51 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed onto H.J.R. 48, the bill leading to the amendment which will overturn Citizens United; our state’s Initiative 735 is closely aligned with H.J.R. 48.  Four of our state’s 10 representatives are among these co-signers.    Not only do we need to convince more members of Congress to cosponsor H.J.R. 48, we also need to find a U.S. senator to introduce a companion bill to H.J.R. 48 into the U.S. Senate.  This would be an auspicious task for Senator Murray and would  certainly prove that she works diligently to carry out the will of the people who voted her into office.  If you agree that Big Money, multi-national corporations, and billionaires now wield too much power over our elections, please contact Senator Murray’s office (866-481-9186) and ask her to follow the will of Washingtonians by introducing into the Senate the companion bill to H.J.R. 48.
Alan LaFleur, Woodinville
I am sharing a report to the City Council meeting of Feb. 20 at which I represented the Woodinville Rotary Club and the Project Team for the Peace Pole project at DeYoung Park.
First, I am pleased to report that we have financial sponsors for each of the 20 Peace Poles. In fact, we have 21 sponsors.  Nearly $35,000 was raised in this effort. Nine artists have been secured to work with each sponsor in the design and the painting of each Peace Pole in this long-neglected three-quarter acre park across the street from Molbak’s Garden + Home.
This project was undertaken by Rotary in cooperation with the Woodinville Arts Alliance and the City. Our Woodinville Rotary Club has designated itself a Peace Builder Rotary Club with the mission to spread the message of Peace beyond greater Woodinville. Our next fundraising efforts this year will include similar “Peace Projects” at our auction Oct. 6.
Each sponsor signed into Peace Building with great enthusiasm. The 21 sponsors represent a wide cross section of this community – individuals, neighbors, organizations, families and business enterprises.
Each peace pole will carry a nature or community theme with the inscription “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” Most frequently asked question among supporters was “What is a Peace Pole.”
Here is how Rotary describes these Community Peace Poles.
Peace poles are intended to inspire unity among people.
May Peace Prevail on Earth is an all-inclusive universal message. It is a meeting place of the heart bringing together people of all faiths, backgrounds and culture to embrace the Oneness of our planetary family.
The message is referred to as an affirmation of Peace.
The  next step  is to connect sponsors and artists for the design phase of the Peace Pole project. Then we take the Peace Pole project to the community at large.
It has been a pleasure working with city staff, members of the Arts Alliance, and other Rotarians to launch this project to display peace at our soon-to-be redesigned downtown park in a very colorful and meaningful way.
John B. Hughes
I am compelled to write this letter because my conscience, my sense of what’s right and what’s wrong demands that I speak up and say something about the grievous error being committed  the  by  the  leaders of Bothell, Wash., the city that I grew up in and the city I love. I want to believe the best and hope the best and assume that this error was just a mistake on someone else’s part and that the leaders of Bothell are simply unaware that this has happened. That’s possible and I hope that is the case because then it is easily corrected. The other possibility is that you know and simply don’t care. That’s an error that is very grievous and not so easily corrected. Your response to this letter, or lack thereof, will tell me and many other veterans like myself, whether or not the mistake was accidental or deliberate.
The  following  photograph of the once long-standing monument that used to grace Triangle Park and was dedicated to the memory of those who served their country and risked their lives so that we could enjoy the lives that we now live as free men and women. The monument stood as a memorial to our veterans since April 1974 in Bothell’s Triangle Park. Now it sits, battered and beaten under the American flag I fly at my home. It was discovered by the husband of a former senator of the fine state of Washington who pulled it out from under the wheels of a dump truck as it had been plowed over by a contractor hired by the city to “improve” the park.  All across this nation of ours there appears to be a grossly misinformed movement to change our history. To plow it under, to bury it out of sight and out of our history books, out of our parks and public buildings and if possible even out of our memories as a people. I chose to believe that what happened in Triangle Park was not a deliberate attempt to dishonor our veterans and our forefathers but rather it was just a sad mistake. An oversight. So I say again, your response to this letter, or lack thereof, will tell me which it is. It will also tell all the many veterans in Bothell whether this was an accident or a deliberate attempt to discredit the very people who served their country with honor and allowed us to live as free people in a very dangerous world.
It is our hope that this monument will be restored by you to a suitable location in our of Bothell’s parks and I can gather a number of veterans who will gladly help with the restoration of the plaque but we want to hear from you that is your intention also.  Awaiting your reply.
Ronald J. Nardone, Snohomish
Please note the following correction regarding the McMenamins Anderson School story in our 2/19 edition.   Edgefield isn’t the original McMenamins property.  The first was the Barley Mill Pub in SE Portland, opened in 1983. (The brothers had a few ventures even earlier than that, starting in 1974.) Edgefield came much later, opening in stages beginning in 1990.

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