Letters to the Editor - 3/12/18

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Kudos Governor Inslee

Thank you Governor Inslee for standing our ground and staunchly facing the United States president on Monday, February 26.  Your words were blunt, factual and expressed long needed political outrage.  Skipping political correctness and calling out the president face-to-face on his ludicrous support of arming teachers was succinct.  Undeniable.  As people like you refuse to cave, I continue to hope some good may be on the horizon.

Your statements against arming teachers: perfect.  A+.

Your visit on “All In with Chris Hayes” (MSNBC, 02-26-18) further punctuated the critical need to rise above the NRA and a president seemingly void of honesty, empathy or good faith (“The Art of the Con” as you equated).  We must nonetheless find a way to achieve common sense and meaningful gun law reform. #NeverAgain

Your visit on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” (MSNBC, 02-27-18), well, your words so poignant that Chris Matthews did not even interrupt you… and that NEVER happens.  Nice job!

Standing Ovation.

Janelle Stancik,
Woodinville Voter

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