Letters to the Editor - 5/14/18

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Preserve Your Civic Campus Mailing
Did you receive a recent mailing to “Preserve Your Civic Campus” from a “Local Postal Customer?” So did I.  This mailing is very misleading, and I might suggest, perhaps illegal, as the person/organization responsible for the mailing is not properly identified.
The mailing suggests…if residents STOP the proposed redevelopment of the Civic Campus, both the Carol Edwards Center and Woodinville School will be preserved for future generations.  This is just not true.  Alone, the city does not have the additional resources needed to preserve/redevelop either the Carol Edwards Center or the Woodinville School.
The current proposed redevelopment and preservation of the 3 acre Civic Campus is a public/private partnership.  After nearly 18 years and six iterations, this partnership offers Woodinville the BEST opportunity to actually PRESERVE both the Woodinville School and  the Carol Edwards Center.  Both are in serious disrepair.
Yes, the proposed redevelopment will add apartments, but this public/private partnership will also ensure the preservation of the Woodinville School, preservation and EXPANSION of the Carol Edwards Center, creation of NEW multi-use public spaces and generate ADDITIONAL revenue to the city.  This is a forward thinking proposal that preserves Woodinville’s Civic Campus for future generations.
Sandra White, Woodinville

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