Letters to the Editor - 5/21/18

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Thank you to the DeYoung Family for assuring Woodinville’s bright future.
I was pleased as I passed by the DeYoung park today and saw the progress that is being made there.  After much planning, community input, and the generous support of the DeYoung Family it looks like we will have another downtown community resource in Woodinville.  With all of the growth, traffic and congestion that has come to the Seattle area recently, it is truly a blessing to reap the rewards of the long term vision and investment made by founding members of our community, like the DeYoung Family.
When I grew up in Woodinville, dairy manure was sprayed on the fields each day this time of year.  There were so few trees back then that the hot air balloons and smell of cows would wafted over the city each night.  It was a constant reminder of what “country living, city style” really meant. 
I have no grief that the manure is gone, though I miss the frequent hot air balloon landings that once upon a time defined the airspace above our town.
Who could have seen the great future and progress that our city has made since then?  As the trees have grown so have the arboreal hazards that accompany them, but thanks to a volunteer tree board our future is safe. Each day we benefit from all the hard work that was done before us and the generous public investments that people made for us without expecting anything in return.
Brendan Woodward, Woodinville

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