Letters to the Editor - 5/28/18

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I attended the presentation Wednesday night regarding the proposed Civic Campus.  I asked questions of some the City Council members, Woodinville Planning Commission and Mainstreet in reference to this project.  As I am a long term resident of Woodinville I still have some concerns.  The first is a Traffic Impact Study.  It seems that the downtown area streets will be improved, however, they will still feed into the 522 interchange which does not have plans to be modified to date.  This also includes the Woodinville - Redmond road interchange by KFC and 124th coming down the hill.  All three roads lead in and out of our city.  Secondly,  why are we possibly granting the developer a pass on eight years of property taxes and if approved will the citizens have to make up the difference in higher property taxes on our homes and businesses?  Thirdly, will the proposed apartments be affordable or luxury?  If they are luxury, the employees that work in Woodinville and might walk to work will not be able to afford them, thus complicating the first issue, traffic congestion. These are just some of my concerns and please consider them when you vote on this proposal.  Thank you.

Susan Milke, Woodinville, WA

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