Letters to the Editor - June 4, 2018

  • Written by Readers
Kenmore LGBTQ Proclamation
The city of Kenmore made history during their 5/29/2018 public meeting at Kenmore City Hall.
The City of Kenmore - City Council voted 6-1, to support Pride Week, and ruled to adopt a supportive LGBTQ Proclamation!
During citizen commits, I requested the City form and adopt a Proclamation that "The City of Kenmore stands in support of our LGBTQ Community and Pride." Also speaking in local support, reconciling ministries Rev. Anja Helmon carrying the message of compassion, growth, and learning. Thank you to our supportive councilmen and councilwomen for voting in support: Dept. Mayor Nigel Herbig, Joe Marshall, Stacey Gill Denuski, Mayor David Baker, Brent Smith and Debra Srebnik for your support. Councilmen Milton Curtis ruled against due to his self-held core beliefs.
Corina Pfeil

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