Letters to the Editor - August 20, 2018

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My name is Jonathan Lucas and recently I was honored with the opportunity to return a Bronze Star Medal and citation to SPC 4 Gregory Graves for Heroism in Ground Combat in Jan. 1970 during the Vietnam War. Through a little research, unfortunately, he passed away on Aug. 29, 2001 so I cannot return it to him.  I did find that he passed away in Woodinville, Washington.  I would like to ask the Woodinville community if anyone would have known him or a family member and could possibly answer the question why the award was in Idaho.
I am a veteran myself, however, I was never afforded the opportunity to be in a situation to be in combat, but I feel returning this award to a family member would be an amazing tribute to how much of a hero he was to his unit at the young age of 19, and I am sure his actions on those days allowed several others in his unit to go home to their families.
Thank you for your assistance.
Jonathan Lucas
Quality Assurance Representative
DLA Energy Japan
DSN: 3152253084
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I was looking through the August 6th edition of the Woodinville Weekly and I saw the article on the front page titled Rowing Kudos.  The picture caught my eye so I read the article.  Samuel Halbert who graduated in 2016 and is a member of the USA men’s under 23 8+boat set a world record time and won a Gold Medal at the championships.  I thought it was cool that a graduate from my high school and from our small town was part of a team of rowers that set a world record. That doesn’t happen every day and it is pretty cool that someone from our town did that.  The article also mentioned Riley Milne from Woodinville as a member of the team.  Thank you for highlighting their accomplishments, they should remind us all that we can achieve our dreams no matter where we come from.
Tim Mollerup
In the age of Trump, complacency is dangerous to our democracy. Remaining quiet is not an option. We have seen in the past how that turned out (and yes, as a German citizen, I feel very strongly about that!).

To ensure that we will continue to be a nation that honors free speech, we need to support the free press. Subscribe to a newspaper, listen to the news – and please check out all sorts of different outlets to get a balanced picture, not one slanted this way or that.
Practice critical thinking. Question sources, information and engage in discussions. Maybe it gets uncomfortable at times, but if we really listen, we may learn from each other!
Support causes you feel strongly about. Volunteer for those causes. Do you like art, music, education? Any school would love to have you volunteer! Civil liberties? Go volunteer or donate to the ACLU. Women’s rights? Volunteer at or donate to Planned Parenthood or other women’s organizations Mental health? There are plenty of organizations that struggle to provide much needed help there too. You get the picture!
And don’t forget to vote with the almighty dollar! A company that is thinking of using Asbestos again, will not do so if no one will buy their products! A company that advertises on extremist websites will cease to do so if we stop buying their products. A politician will not be elected, if we don’t donate to their campaign.
It is up to each of us to determine what sort of country we want to live in. Let’s show up, roll up our sleeves and do our part!
Katharina Bomers-Muller 

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