Letters to the Editor - Sept. 10, 2018

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Water Trees
Our green, beautiful, shade providing vegetation needs our help!  During the non-rainy season, about once every 7-10 days, all of our trees and other plants need an extra, good soaking, ideally 30 – 45 minutes. Over the past two summers both the surface and deep soil – simply stated, are bone dry or in a drought. Please be generous with your wallet and regularly water your trees and bushes…the grass gives a clue about the dry and compromising conditions.
Jeannine Sieler
Washington State Native and Tree Lover
The following letter to the editor was received in reference to the Guest Column by Fred Obee, Executive Director of the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association that we ran on August 20, 2018.
It is interesting reading the article “No excuse for fake news rhetoric” (published on The Woodinville Weekly on August 20, 2018). I wonder whether the author really don’t know where the name of “fake news” came from or just pretended he didn’t know it. He used the first and second paragraphs to list many stories that newspaper reported and concluded that there is no fake news. I agree those stories are not fake news. Actually nobody will say sports’ reporting is fake news, even if reporters have bias to favor Seahawks, Mariners, or Sounders. Nobody will say weather reporting is fake news, even though the weather report is not always accurate. The author should know the name of “fake news” is used to point out the biased reporting of political events or issues by some major media. If he doesn’t know that, he is not good in his profession. Trump uses “fake news” to fight against those biased media and majority of American people agree with him.  A recent article by Politico indicates that poll shows 77 percent of Americans say major news outlets report ‘fake news’. Several years ago Washington Post reported that just 7 percent of journalists are Republicans. It is not important which party a journalist belongs to, as long as she can make efforts to report facts in political events and issues. In some extend, media controls what we can see and hear. Therefore, it is very important for media to do its best to report facts, all facts, and nothing but facts, so that people can base on facts to make informed decision in the events such as election. Journalists should do their best to regain people’s trust. While we don’t want “fake news rhetoric”, we don’t need “all Trump’s fault rhetoric” either. 
Jun Tang

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