Letters to the Editor - June 27, 2011

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Educating our local area is my focus and rule in life. When I am faced with the most painful reminders and memories of the death of my beautiful son, I’m compelled to say something. Accidents happen. Each year (around the 4th of July) we hear about fires, injuries, burns, lost pets, noise, garbage, allergies, costs of rebuilding homes and people sent to emergency rooms — not knowing they died weeks or months later from injuries.

Shane Lynch, age 13, died from legal fireworks. My son sustained extensive injuries including a shattered forehead. His skull was cracked in half; Ninety percent of his brain was burned.

If only knowledge had been shared, Shane might still be here.

Dynamite is safer than flash powder. Flash powder can ignite from STATIC ELECTRICITY. Many fireworks are made from flash powder.

I organize school assemblies to save lives with several agencies. Children are important and require guidance and protection.

Encourage public fireworks display shows. Help keep the county safe.

Writing an obituary and deciding on cremation or casket are not decisions you want to face over the 4th of July!

Donate blood at the Puget Sound blood Center in Everett on Oaks Avenue to help others.

Glenda Lynch, Snohomish

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