Letters to the Editor-July 4, 2011

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Before becoming Woodinville’s fire chief, I. David Daniels was employed by Renton Fire and Emergency Services where he also served as head of the fire department.

By many accounts, his tenure in Renton was marked by discord, deficit spending and poor relations with employees.

Shortly after he left Renton to become Woodinville’s fire chief, the Renton firefighters began a process to have I. David Daniels censured by the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF).

Renton’s firefighter censure resolution cited Daniel’s decision to place two engine companies out of service and noted the increase in response times and a reduction in firefighter safety that resulted.

It also criticized Daniel’s management decisions, safety concerns, communication problems and poor morale.

At the IAFF National Convention, the censure resolution was passed by a unanimous vote of 2,250 delegates.

After more than 18 months as Woodinville’s fire chief, it appears that I. David Daniels is making the same mistakes all over again.

He has closed a fire station and placed an engine company and an aid car out of service. Consequently, response times to the affected areas have increased and firefighter safety has been diminished.

Communication with employees is poor and employee morale is at an all-time low.

This has compelled some excellent Woodinville firefighters to leave Woodinville to take jobs with other fire agencies.

Chief I. David Daniels has reduced the number of firefighters employed by the Woodinville fire district, but he has added five new costly administrative positions.

The department’s reserve fund is being depleted because of deficit spending.

Safety complaints have been made and, in a safety-related arbitration hearing that was brought forward by the Woodinville firefighters, an independent neutral arbitrator just recently ruled that the fire district, with the complete approval of I. David Daniels, required a battalion chief to work 96 hours straight under circumstances that even Daniels later admitted under oath were unsafe under the terms of the parties’ collective bargaining agreement.

Woodinville Fire Chief I. David Daniels is fond of saying that he only looks forward and is not willing to look or go backwards.

Without looking back on occasion however, it is impossible to learn from one’s mistakes, and it appears that I. David Daniels is making the same mistakes all over again.

Greg Ahearn

President, Local 2950, Woodinville Firefighters



To the kind unknown Woodinville gentleman:

You were waiting to be seen at Woodinville Urgent Care Clinic on Sunday morning and were called to triage shortly after my daughter and I arrived in the waiting area. She was crying, scared and in pain while awaiting stitches for a gash in her leg.

You, clearly were there to be treated for your own injury, (but when you) were called to be seen, you requested that my daughter be seen before you.

You selflessly gave up your turn in a situation where everyone understandably wants to get in and out and quickly as possible.

Your generosity was so appreciated, and my daughter was thinking of you while getting her stitches, hoping you were okay and not hurt badly.

You reminded her, and everyone else there, of the importance of compassion.

We thank you for your kindness and we wish you well!

M. Cipra, Woodinville


All the abundant rainfall we’ve had this year has kept our surroundings lush and green.

The problem with this is the jungle-like quantity of grass, berry bushes and even small trees that are flourishing on the sides of our country roads.

Their beauty disguises the fact that they are potential death traps.

Visibility is nil as we try to pull out onto the roads. We have to travel out onto the street before we can see if anyone is coming.

I’ve been patient, content to wait for our road’s turn, but NONE of the roads are being mowed.

Is this one of those nasty tricks where the money used for the things taxpayers really need is taken away so we’ll pass more levies? If so, shame on you (them)!

This is really dangerous. I’ve just avoided being hit a number of times already.

My kids and precious baby granddaughter slid almost into a ditch to avoid a deer as it bounded unseen from the underbrush.

With the number of bikers we get on our curvy roads, I am surprised no one has been killed as they are impossible to see.

I love living in the "country" where things are wild and green, but this is getting ridiculous.

Annie Gurke, Woodinville



I am enjoying your Health and Wellness section and appreciate the article "Why Every Person Should Meditate" by Kimberly Palm, C.M.I."

I learned to meditate many years ago and it transformed me and my life for the better.

Today much of my meditation practice takes place in nature and in my gardens.

Our culture is driven to go go go and achieve, whereas meditation is a way to slow down and be be be still.

It’s a way to balance our energies and our lives.

Meditation changes our brain waves and gives us access to information that is inspirational.

Imagine that!

A place within our own being that has intelligent information to sustain us. How about more meditation in our personal lives and less bickering in our community and world?

Trish Knox, Heritage Garden manager

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