Letters to the Editor - July 11, 2011

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Just say no

It is just about midnight on Independence Day, and the fireworks are finally dying down. How ironic that we are reminded yet again that we are in the midst of a serious "recession" and the entire nation is suffering, yet there seems to have been thousands and thousands of dollars literally going up in smoke for the past five or six hours here in Duvall and across the entire area — mostly spent by folks who undoubtedly should not and cannot afford it to gratify "the kids" or indeed themselves. They cannot or will not get a reality check and a spine, and say "NO, we simply cannot afford it this year!" and fail to involve their kids in learning the facts of growing up and being responsible!

It makes me very sad and amazed at the spineless way we are facing the truth. I lived through the "Great Depression" as a child and learned that we can live happily on VERY limited funds. These folks simply don’t know what individual responsibility IS, let alone how to practice it!

Janice Ochoa, Duvall


To the baseball player who tried to scalp me with a Twix bar:

I’m sure that from your place in the parade down main street in Bothell you had an excellent view of all of us who had come to watch. I’m also sure that you have a fine arm and are well positioned to use it on the ball field. Unfortunately, no one seems to have informed you that "tossing" candy to the watchers of the parade was not a chance to show off your target hitting skills. To jog your memory – I’m the mom who was sitting by the brick wall (of the pet store) toward the beginning of the parade that your buddy pointed out and that you promptly took aim at. Your aim was dead on and I can still feel the spot on my head that "caught" your "toss." I am thankful that your throw was accurate. I had two 3 year olds and a 9 month old close at hand (I wasn’t watching you go by so that I could feed her some lunch — my apologies for not paying better attention to you). My 12 year old was the one who saw the whole thing happen and told me about it later. She was confused as to why it would be so amusing to you. As much as my children love the parade and the candy that goes with it, I am more than tempted to ask that only adults be allowed to hand out the candy – it would have been a lot harder to explain if one of my kids had taken the brunt of an ill-tossed piece of candy. To the adults who were with the baseball teams – it’s all about fun. Try to help your players understand that it is only fun (and funny) if everyone is laughing and having a good time.

Carrie Poole, Woodinville


Bickering again?

Why am I not surprised that Woodinville Fire & Rescue has internal strife. Just look to the city council for leadership. Maybe fire departments should return to all-volunteer groups. I was one for 27 years. We had some internal problems occassionaly, but we got the job done.

Chuck Kaysner, Bothell


To our wonderful animal lovers:

Cats are very smart animals and when given lots of love they can be wonderful companions. They don’t take a lot of care: dry food left in a bowl for them to munch on along with a bowl of water, a treat of wet food (they aren’t fussy), plus a clean litter box — which is a must. They are better kept indoors, are very clean animals, and generally require little if any care other than an occasional grooming. You will never have to worry about mice or bugs in your home as kitties love to bring you presents. Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville has many wonderful animals to choose from for adoption. My husband and I currently have six cats, the most recent four from Homeward. Both their cats and dogs are very health, are well cared for, and you will not be disappointed with the little bundle of joy that you bring home.

David and Marta Jenkins,

companions of six kitties

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