Letters to the Editor - July 18, 2011

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff


We knew her back when we were Woodinville soccer moms, but we had lost touch. One of us ran into her at the library and she shared how she had just had her "plumbing" removed and was battling stage 3b ovarian cancer — alone and broke — renting a room from a friend and eking out an existence on state assistance. We told each other we needed to help.

She said the hardest part was feeling so alone.

When asked what we could do (drive her to chemo so she didn’t have to take the bus, bring her some soup, clean her house), she asked for only one thing: help in finding a job.

She said, "I get sick from the chemo some, but when that’s not too bad, I can do yard work, housecleaning, nannying, office work, house sitting."

Fighting cancer on state assistance, and all she asks for from the old soccer moms is a job mowing lawns? This does not compute.

So we took her out for dinner and slipped her some cash.

She cried. We talked up her situation to our friends and neighbors, and she got some more cash.

She cried again. These same friends and neighbors are donating truckloads of high-quality goods, and the old soccer team is baking up a storm for our fundraiser rummage and bake sale and that’s where you come in.

Head over to the Woodinville Lions Mountainview Community Center (19008 168th Ave NE — up the hill from Mack’s Corner, just south of Leota Jr. High) on Saturday, July 23, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You’ll find a plethora of choice household goods, high-quality bigger ticket items and the best brownies in town!

There will also be a jar for donations if, like others, you too would like to make our friend cry.

What she doesn’t realize when she receives each small gift with, "This is such a blessing! This is such an awesome blessing!" is what a blessing her presence is to us. Come and be a part of that on Saturday.

A HUGE thank you to the Woodinville Lions for donating the use of their excellent facility for our sale!

Cindy Horst, Woodinville



I am responding to the letter concerning I. David Daniels.

Knowing his record from the Renton Fire and Emergency Services, why did Woodinville hire him? He’s doing all the same things he did at Renton.

I would think it would be illegal to require a shift of 96 hours straight.

My personal opinion is a little power has gone to his head.

He has closed a fire station here, as well as put an engine and aid car out of service like he did in Renton. Response time is getting longer and it’s unsafe.

I believe this man is no asset to Woodinville and going by his track record should be fired.

I’m so glad the president of Local 2950 informed us.

Pauline Thompson, Woodinville



The Woodinville Weekly’s July 11 article on regional policing in conjunction with local control brought to mind our Woodinville area fire service.

Has there been change for the better in Fire Chief Daniel’s fire department’s top-heavy ratio of administrative employees to the number of actual firefighters?

How about an update article on the current situation with the Woodinville area fire department’s employment situation.


Maxine Keesling, Woodinville

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