Letters to the Editor - July 25, 2011

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I attended the Woodinville Fire commission meeting the past week where the firefighters voiced their vote of "No Confidence" against Chief I. David Daniels.

It should be noted that the vote was unanimous at 59-0. The vote of "No Confidence" was supported by battalion chiefs and firefighters who represented our neighboring communities of Snohomish, Bellevue, Bothell, Kenmore, Mercer Island.

A vote of "No Confidence" does not "happen all the time;" it is extremely uncommon.

I heard their exhaustive list of very real concerns regarding the problems that have been occurring in the district since the chief was hired.

I was stunned by the response of the commissioners and the chief, that "It happens all the time" and that "everyone is entitled to their opinion."

Did they not hear the same things that I did? Namely, that there will be no more annual fire inspections of senior housing communities (by fire department personnel), that the district has accrued nearly half million dollars in legal fees, that there are more highly paid administrative staff on duty at the fire station than there are fire fighters? That the district will be bankrupt by 2016, at the latest, if the deficit spending continues? That the department has lost its elite status of International Accreditation that it has worked so hard to earn?

The decisions made by the Chief since his arrival have caused hemorrhaging of the budget, a reduction of services and a failure to maintain the high standard of accreditation that Woodinville has had for years prior to his arrival. The concerns that were presented are not simply irritations occurring between staff and managers.

There are legitimate, profound and far-reaching concerns that affect the public safety of people in our community. The total lack of accountability on the part of the commissioners, who are elected to oversee and make better decisions, is unconscionable and appalling to me.

The fire commissioners must start listening to the people who know the fire service and who have been telling the commission, in no uncertain terms, that this chief is destroying this fire district and that his inappropriate and risky decisions are compromising the safety of the citizens of this community.

Rebecca J. Clark, Woodinville


I attended the fire commissioners meeting on July 18 and came away appalled.

Our Woodinville firefighters have been forced to take a last resort action in an effort to stop the erosion of the very department that they work for.

Woodinville firefighters unanimously declared a vote of no confidence in their fire chief, David Daniels.

All the while, Chief Daniels sat with furrowed brow, his chin in his hand looking as disinterested as a 15 year old listening to his dad lecture on the virtues of keeping a clean bedroom.

And the commissioners, (they were) blank faced and bored. At least that’s what I was left to believe, because not a word was uttered by any of them acknowledging this declaration of crisis by our firefighters.

At this point, the board of commissioners has only one acceptable option available. Remove Chief Daniels and start the process of finding a new fire chief.

The commissioners must understand that the chief works for them and when the chief’s performance is the sole cause for a demoralized work force and reduced services to us, the taxpaying citizens, something must change.

In the private sector you can bet that a unanimous vote of no confidence to the board of directors, coupled with reduced performance by the company would result in an immediate termination of that company head.

This is exactly what we have here in Woodinville.

Under Chief Daniels’ leadership we have seen increased response times to large portions of the community, i.e., Hollywood Hill, elimination of valuable services and an approved budget that contains deficit spending, much of it careless and wasteful.

I hope none of us ever need to dial 911, but if we do, we deserve a timely response by highly motivated, well trained firefighters.

After all, we are paying for it.

I’m sad to say that currently Chief Daniels and the board of commissioners are failing to provide us with the service that we all deserve.

The only way to reverse this fatal course for our fire department is to speak our minds.

I encourage all readers who value the health and safety of their families to communicate with our elected fire commissioners by writing letters, making phone calls, and/or attending the twice monthly meetings.

The message from the community must be unified and must call for the removal of an incompetent fire chief who is jeopardizing the safety of each and every citizen within his fire department’s boundary.

Roger Kacmarcik, concerned citizen



For the past several years I have noticed a strange occurrence in the Duvall area.

When driving towards Monroe on Hwy. 203, about a mile north of Duvall, I lose my AM radio station and just hear static. It lasts for about a mile, and ends just north of the green barn on the right.

This goes on for about half the year, from May to September or so (roughly). Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know what is causing it?

Thank you!

Kathy Ulrich, via email



The Woodinville Garden Club has successfully completed its 12th Tour of Gardens and would like to thank the community for its generous support. For the twelfth year, Molbak’s was a major sponsor, and provided us with a beautiful reception following the tour. The Woodinville Weekly, and publisher Julie Boselly continued their support with advertising and articles promoting the event and informing the community of the club’s mission.

Generous merchants and professionals provided items for our drawing: Lorrie Cain, landscape designer, provided one hour of professional design advice, Willows provided a stay in their beautiful hotel, Molbak’s gave a gift card, DeJong’s gave a load of mulch and our artist, Susan Summit Cyr donated the original silk painting from our poster and postcards.

In addition, local businesses provided advertising and services: Classic Nursery & Landscape Company, DeYoung Farm & Garden, Fairwinds Brittany Park, In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes, Kathy Brown, Realtor, Maltby Café, Pasta Nova and Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door.

Not least, we once again had the support of the Woodinville community, who braved the rainy summer day to enjoy a trip through our six gardens, whose owners deserve a great deal of credit for their enthusiasm and gracious hospitality.

Without our garden owners, there would be no Tour! Now we are starting our quest for gardens for the 2012 Tour of Gardens: if you would like to propose a garden for next year’s tour, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ann Parrish and Donna Wolthuis, co-presidents, Woodinville Garden Club




For three days now there have been large – and very lengthy – back ups on Woodinville-Duvall Road due to the Catholic church construction.

I have to travel down that road several times a day and have had to turn around and go another route, so extreme were the back ups.

Luckily I’m a quick learner and have taken 165th for the past couple of days. However, the way this has been handled, by the church, by the construction company and by the county is completely, and unbelievably, unacceptable. You’d think at least one of those entities would have thought to plan ahead.

First, there were no signs posted that warned that road construction was about to commence.

Second, once the construction began, there were no notices posted far enough in advance to warn us to take another route, before we unexpectedly came upon the back up after having already passed a road which would have allowed us to go another way.

Third, not only should notices be posted, but detour signs should have been supplied for those who don’t know the area.

Fourth, there has been no notification of when this is due to end. It may have already finished upon receipt of this letter, but how are we, who are now traveling 165th just in case, meant to know that it’s safe to return to Woodinville-Duvall Road?

This has been going on for three days now. Too late now to do anything about it I suppose, but if there is going to be any further construction that requires a lane of Woodinville-Duvall Road to be closed for any length of time, I believe I speak for all residents and visitors who use that road when I request that, we would appreciate appropriate notice and detour routes posted.

I’m sure Mother Teresa would have had the sense to do so.

Beth Rand, Woodinville



Woodinville’s annual drinking water report published June 2011 boasts a recent reduction of fluoride levels in our water supply. Anything short of total elimination, however, is inadequate. Here are just a few reasons why:

Fluoride is a carcinogenic industrial waste — a by-product of the nuclear arms, aluminum and phosphate manufacturing industries. Rather than paying to properly dispose of this waste, these industries earn billions of dollars in revenue by selling it as an additive to our water supply. Using logic that I fail to comprehend, selling it somehow turns it from a toxin into a "product." A brilliant marketing plan if I do say so!

Fluoride has never been proven to prevent tooth decay and can actually cause dental fluorosis.While fluorisis appears to be just a cosmetic issue resulting in discoloration of the teeth, it also adversely affects the structure of the teeth and bones. Fifty percent of ingested fluoride is deposited in your bones, damaging them and in some cases causing osteosarcoma.

Fluoride lowers thyroid function. Low thyroid function can result in low body temperature, lack of energy and dry skin, as well as other symptoms.

Elevated fluoride exposure has been shown to reduce IQ in children. Cognitive ability is further reduced if your child is iodine deficient. According to renowned allergist and author Doris Rapp, M.D., fluoride can alter how you walk and talk and can even cause A.D.D.

Dental caries, or cavities as they are more commonly known, are not related to a fluoride deficiency.

Avoiding sugary foods and brushing your teeth (with fluoride-free toothpaste) after meals will go a long way in preventing cavities.

This list goes on, but hopefully you get the idea. Fluoride has no place in our water supply and never should have been added to it to begin with. I encourage you to do your own research and make your voice heard to put an end to this highly questionable and harmful practice. In addition to the health benefits, think of all the money the district will save that could be put to much better use, especially during these challenging economic times.

Meanwhile, consider filtering your water, including the water you bathe with since your skin absorbs it. Use fluoride-free toothpaste and avoid fluoride treatments as well as dental sealants which contain BPA, another known toxin. These few simple steps will go a long way towards reducing your overall level of toxicity which can result in illness. Prevention is key.

Madeline Eyer, Woodinville

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